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How To Hyperlink in the Gmail App

Gmail App

Gmail is one of the most widely used email service providers, with over 5 billion users worldwide. If you often send links using Gmail, hyperlinking words would make your emails more professional and organized rather than pasting the link. So, how do you hyperlink in the Gmail app? 

Quick Answer

There is no such option to hyperlink words on the Gmail app on mobile devices. However, there is a workaround. On a PC, use the shortcut Ctrl + K on Windows PC and Command + K on Mac to hyperlink words in Gmail. 

Generally, using the desktop version of Gmail allows you to access more features than the mobile version. Continue reading if you’d like to know the steps to follow to hyperlink words on the Gmail mobile app. 

Steps To Hyperlink Words on the Gmail App on Mobile Devices 

You might not find the option to hyperlink a word on the Gmail app on a mobile device. This is because Google did not integrate a conventional way to hyperlink words on the Gmail app. 

However, if you must hyperlink words on the Gmail app on a mobile device, there is a nifty trick you can use. In the section below, we will enlighten you on the steps to follow to hyperlink words on the Gmail app on mobile devices. 

Step #1: Open Gmail 

On your mobile device, launch the Gmail app, and tap on the pen icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. This option lets you compose a new mail. When you do, tap on the section “Compose email”. You do not necessarily need to type the full email you want to send; now, you only need to compose a message to hyperlink a word. 

Step #2: Paste the Link and Tap the Back Button

Minimize the Gmail app and go to where you have the link you want to hyperlink in the Gmail app. Copy the link you wish to use and return to the Gmail app. In the “Compose Email” section, paste the link. When you paste the link, press the back button, and the email will automatically save to draft.   

Step #3: Open the Drafts

Next, go to the “Draft” folder and open your email. To get to the “Drafts” folder, tap on the three parallel dashes at the top left corner of your screen. From the list of options, look for the “Drafts” folder and tap on it. Find the message with the link you pasted and open it. 

Step #4: Edit the Link 

The link should have turned blue and be clickable. Now, you can edit the link by placing your cursor anywhere in the link and typing the word you want to hyperlink the webpage to. After typing the word, delete the text around it until only the words which should be blue. 

Step #5: Copy and Paste Around the Hyperlinked Word 

With only the hyperlinked word left in the draft message, you can then go ahead to compose the rest of the email. You can copy and paste the rest of the email around the hyperlink to make the work easier. 

Easy Alternative

Another easy way to hyperlink words in the Gmail app is to hyperlink on another app and then copy and paste it into the Gmail app.


The process seems long and complicated. But once you start the process, it gets easier as Gmail is a very intuitive app. However, it is pretty disappointing that the Google development team did not integrate a way to hyperlink in the Gmail app for mobile devices. Hopefully, they will add this feature to the app shortly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I bolden, italicize, and underline (BIU) words in the Gmail mobile app? 

Yes, you can bolden, italicize and underline words in the Gmail mobile app. To do this, highlight the words you want to edit when composing an email, and tap on the “Format” option. After doing this, you will see the option to bold, italicize and underline at the top of your keyboard. 

Can I hyperlink an image in the Gmail mobile app? 

The Gmail mobile app does not support hyperlinking to images. So, if you must hyperlink an image in your email, we recommend you use the PC version of Gmail. However, to hyperlink an image, you have to click on the image. Then, tap on change in the toolbar to type in the URL and click “OK”. When you return, the image will become clickable, or when you hover around the picture, it should display the link. 

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