How To Identify SIM Card Networks

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All Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards are associated with a particular network. The network can be anything from AT&T to Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. Each SIM card can only be associated with one network. So, how can one identify a SIM card network? 

Quick Answer

There are several ways to identify a SIM card network. However, the easiest way is to check the SIM logo or the last recharge bill. You can also check your device settings for info about the SIM. Or you can use an online identifier checker or analyze the phone number. 

Generally, SIM cards are essential as they are used to connect a smartphone to a cellular network. Knowing your SIM card’s carrier provider can be useful in many ways and help you easily navigate through what may cause problems. For example, when you want to pay bills, recharge, or unlock certain features, you need to know the name of your SIM card carrier provider.

This article elaborates on different ways to identify a SIM card network. 

Different Ways To Identify SIM Card Networks 

While it might seem difficult to believe anyone would forget their SIM card carrier, it is not uncommon. For example, people who use a prepaid SIM card or if you’re not paying the bills, such as in an office, never have to pay attention to the carrier name. If you’d like to know the carrier of your SIM card, below are different ways to go about it. 

Method #1: Using the SIM Logo or Name 

If you still have the SIM card package, then you can use that to identify the SIM card network. However, it is possible that you no longer have access to the SIM card package. In such cases, you can remove the SIM from your device to inspect the body of the SIM. 

Here’s how to identify the SIM card network with the logo or name.

  1. If you still have the SIM’s packaging, inspect it, as you will find the carrier’s name on the package. 
  2. You can also check the body of the SIM card, the logo or name of the carrier might be written on it. 

Method #2: Checking the Recharge Bill or Message

Another way to identify a SIM card network is to check the last recharge bill or the message sent to the device. Whether you have a monthly, yearly, or bi-yearly bill, the bill sent to you always comes with the carrier’s name. 

Here’s how to identify a SIM card network by checking your last recharge bill or message.

  1. Open the last electronic message sent for the last time you recharged the SIM.
  2. The name of the sender is the name of the carrier company. 
  3. You can also look at the message’s content; it will contain the carrier company name. 
  4. If you are a postpaid user, check the envelope bill for the carrier name. 

Method #3: Checking Device Settings 

Another great way to identify a SIM card network is by checking your device setting. It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android or an iPhone; you can go to the settings to find info about the SIM card. 

Here’s how to identify a SIM card network by checking device settings.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your smartphone. 
  2. Navigate to Connection settings
  3. Tap on “SIM Card Manager”
  4. You should see the carrier info in the SIM card manager option, including the carrier’s name. 

Method #4: Using an Online Carrier Identifier

You can also use an online carrier identifier if you still find it challenging to identify a SIM card network. Several online carrier identifiers provide you with carrier details of any number worldwide. Some of these tools include the likes of FreeCarrierLookup, TextMagic, Text, etc. 

Here’s how to identify a SIM card network using an online carrier identifier.

  1. Go to any online carrier identifier of your choice, such as FreeCarrierLookup
  2. Enter the phone number you are trying to identify the network. 
  3. Select the country code of the number and the given Captcha. 
  4. Click on the search button, and the number details will appear in the search result, including the name of the SIM card network. 

Method #5: Using Your ICCID 

Analyzing the ICCID of your SIM is another intelligent way to identify the network. Each network assigns an Issuer Identifier Number (IIN) when building its network. You can find the ICCID number of a SIM at the back of the package. Note that an IIN is different from a country code

Here’s how to identify a SIM card network using your phone number.

  1. The ICCID is an 18 to 22-digit number
  2. The first two numbers are the Major Industry Identifier (MII). 
  3. The next three digits give the country code
  4. The next three digits after that of the country code are the INN which you can do a quick lookup online to find which network has that INN. 
Other Methods

You can also use banking apps, online transaction apps, and recharge sites to identify the network of a SIM card.


Summarily, identifying a SIM card network should not be challenging as there are many ways to go around it. So, if you don’t know the network of your SIM card, feel free to use any of the methods in this guide to identify it. 

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