How To Improve Aim on PC

How To Improve Aim On Pc 1

When playing First Person Shooter (FPS) games on your personal computer (PC), one of the most critical aspects of the game is your aim. The point of these games is to kill your opponents and avoid getting killed, so having a poor aim can be detrimental to your progress in the game. The good news is that even if your aim is nothing to write home about, you can improve with practice.

Quick Answer

To improve your aim on a PC, get a good and comfortable mouse with a quality mouse pad, lower the mouse sensitivity and stick with it. At the same time, undergo consistent aim training to improve your precision and accuracy and develop perfect muscle memory. Learn proper crosshair positioning and the strategy of the game you’re playing.

All these points were discussed extensively in the article. Read it to gain more insight into improving your aim on a PC.

Spend on Quality Hardware

Having the right gear is the first step to improving your aim on a PC. A good gaming PC and monitor are essential, so you will not experience lagging or buffering. It would help if you also had an excellent ergonomic chair and table to be comfortable while playing. Playing FPS games on a PC can be physically and mentally draining, and you need all the help you can get.

The most important hardware for gaming on a PC is your mouse. Go for a lightweight mouse with a built-in DPI (dots per inch) button for changing your mouse DPI during a game. You can aim better, move faster, and execute better shots with a good mouse. 

When choosing a gaming mouse, the functionality should always be favored over aesthetics. The mouse should neither be too big nor too small. It should be the perfect fit for your hands such that you can move it around easily. 

After getting a good gaming mouse, look for a quality mousepad. It might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but the perfect mousepad makes a world of difference in PC gaming. Test your mouse with the mousepad and choose the one that allows your mouse to move freely without drag. This would ensure that your reaction time isn’t delayed during games.

Customize Your Hardware Settings

After investing in the right gear, you want to ensure that it is customized to your taste. Set your chair to an angle that allows you to sit while facing the monitor at a 90-degree angle. Ensure that your chair height is adjusted to enable you to place both feet on the floor and rest your back on the lumbar support.

Your mouse is the most important hardware for PC gaming, and its sensitivity determines how well you play the game. High sensitivity allows you to move fast with minimal mouse movement, and low sensitivity is better for precision and accuracy while aiming at your targets.

Low mouse sensitivity, however, would require you to use your elbow instead of your wrists alone while controlling your mouse, causing physical strain after a while. We recommend setting your mouse sensitivity to somewhere in the middle, but ultimately, what works for one person may not work for another. 

Ensure you turn off mouse acceleration to increase your precision while aiming at opponents. Find the right mouse sensitivity that works best for you and maintain it throughout different players or games. Changing your mouse sensitivity would make it hard for you to build your muscle memory.

Learn the FPS Technique 

After getting the right gear and customizing it to your taste, you need to learn the basic technique of FPS games. One of the most important techniques to learn is crosshair positioning

Aiming your gun at the ground while moving is a rookie mistake and can get you killed due to the slow reaction time. The proper crosshair positioning is to aim to the level of your opponent’s head, giving you ample time to react if the enemy appears out of nowhere. 

Also, when you’re waiting for an enemy who might be hiding behind an obstacle, do not aim too close to the obstacle’s surface. You should factor in the time it would take you to aim and shoot at the target once he appears from the barrier. Therefore, extend your aim to the side of the obstacle so that the target is within your crosshair when you eventually shoot.

Study the recoil pattern of the guns you’re using in the game to help you get better at aiming at targets. Shoot less while on the run. Slow down and aim to give you a better chance of hitting your targets. Tap your mouse to shoot at your enemy after aiming. Don’t just spray with the hope that one of the bullets would find its way to the target. 

Also, you can watch and analyze professional gamers and study their technique to improve yourself. 

Practice Regularly

Regular practice helps you build better hand-to-eye coordination and improve your aim. It also enables you to develop your muscle memory to the extent that you can take headshots without thinking. You can play aim-training games to improve your tracking, precision, and accuracy while aiming. You can also use the training to practice your skills before trying them in the game.

Learn the Map/Strategy of the Game You’re Playing

Get accustomed to the game you’re playing by learning the map. The maps show you locations where you can camp or where you can have a clear shot at your opponents. By studying your enemies’ camping spots, you can make more kills by aiming at those spots knowing that your enemies will be hiding there.

You can learn the map and strategy of the game by playing it more regularly and studying your enemy’s moves, watching tutorials, and studying professional gamers. Learning the map allows you to predict your opponents’ patterns and make kill-shots without requiring perfect aim.

Warm-Up Before Each Game

Before you begin each game, take a deep breath to relax any tension and calm your mind. Then practice against a couple of bots to get you warmed up for the actual game. By doing this, you can build good momentum going into the game. 


Professional gamers were not born that way. They developed their skills through constant practice and investing in the right equipment until they became very good at it. You’ll become as good at aiming as you hope if you remain committed to improving yourself and follow the right steps.

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