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How To Increase the SSD Storage on a Laptop

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Compared to hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs) are much faster and guarantee better system performance. However, because of the high price per unit memory of SSDs, most computers are equipped with SSDs that have low storage capacity. If your laptop’s storage device is a solid-state drive, you will likely be looking for ways to increase its storage capacity.

Quick Answer

To increase SSD storage on your laptop, you must have determined the amount of storage space you need on your laptop. Purchase a new SSD with the required storage space and hand it over to a technician to remove your old SSD and install the new one. Alternatively, you can buy an external solid-state storage drive and connect it to your laptop via USB.

In this article, we will explain how you can increase the SSD storage on your laptop by upgrading the internal storage device or adding an external solid-state storage drive. We will also suggest alternatives to increase your laptop’s storage capacity through thumb drives, Micro-SD cards, or cloud storage.

How To Increase Your Laptop’s SSD Storage

Figuring out the storage capacity you need is the first step in determining how to increase your laptop’s SSD storage. Once you’ve determined the storage space you need, you are left with three options to increase your laptop’s SSD storage capacity.

Option #1: Replace the Old SSD With a New One

If you use a 128GB SSD and want to replace it with a 1TB SSD, you will have to check the manufacturer’s website to know the type of SSD compatible with your laptop. This includes checking the physical size, thickness, and interface (SATA or IDE)

Back up the files on your old SSD to the new one, using the new SSD as an external device. Remove the old SSD by taking your laptop apart using tools like a screwdriver and an anti-static wrist strap. Replace the old SSD with a new SSD with a larger storage capacity. Reassemble the laptop case and power on the laptop.

Consult a technician if you do not have the technical know-how to take apart a laptop.

Option #2: Install an Additional SSD

Instead of replacing the existing SSD with a new one, you can save time and money by installing another and using the two together on your laptop. Ensure your laptop supports the type of drive you want to add before you purchase it. 

Option #3: Buy an External SSD

The manufacturer believes that the specifications of your laptop’s internal components are suitable for the best system performance. Upgrading an internal component might require a corresponding upgrade in other laptop components. This is why it might be better to use an external storage device if you want more storage space on your laptop. 

An external SSD is easy to use and does not require you to take apart your laptop. Once you’ve purchased the external SSD, move the heavy files from your laptop to the external SSD to free up space on the internal SSD.

Alternatives To Increase Your Laptop’s Storage Capacity

Solid-state drives are expensive, especially if you are buying a drive with a large storage capacity. Before replacing your old SSD with a new one with a larger storage capacity, you should consider alternatives that may help you solve your laptop’s storage issues at a lower cost.

Delete Unwanted Files on Your Laptop

Browse through your laptop and delete large unnecessary files to free up space on your laptop and improve your computer’s performance.

Use a Thumb or Flash Drive

Although flash drives usually offer small storage sizes, they can also help you free up space on your laptop. If you have files that you do not require to have on your laptop at all times, but you still need those files occasionally, you can store them on a flash drive.

Flash drives have a small physical size, so you can conveniently carry them around without worrying about the extra weight. 

Use a Micro-SD Card

Consider this option if your laptop has a Micro-SD card slot. The Micro-SD card works just like any other storage device. Once you insert it into your laptop’s SD card slot, it is physically indetectable like any internal storage device and also easy to remove like any external storage device.

Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage eliminates the need to purchase internal or external hardware storage devices. Although using cloud storage requires a reliable internet connection, it is still a dependable mode of storing personal files. 

Its advantage over other forms of storage is that you won’t lose your files if you lose your phone or laptop since it is stored on the internet. It also saves you the trouble of carrying storage devices with you everywhere. Although free cloud storage options exist, you might have to opt for the paid versions for a larger storage capacity.

Final Thoughts

We have provided several ways to increase the SSD storage on your laptop. It’s up to you to decide which one works best for you.

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