How To Keep iPhone Battery Healthy

How To Keep Iphone Battery Healthy 1

Keeping your iPhone battery healthy is essential as it can affect the life expectancy of your device. To ensure you have a long-lasting battery, you need to know some tips to help keep your iPhone’s battery healthy.

So, let’s have a quick look.

10 Tips To Keep Your iPhone’s Battery Healthy

Following are some tips to help you keep your iPhone’s battery healthy so you can enjoy using your phone for some extra hours.

Tip #1: Properly Charge Your iPhone With Only the Official Apple Charger

First, you should adequately charge your iPhone with Apple’s official charger. Using the official charger will ensure that your mobile is getting charged at the right amount of voltage and amperes. If you use a non-Apple charger, there will be chances that it provides the high or low voltage that your iPhone needs, resulting in improper charging. 

So, always use the genuine Apple charger with the mobile to charge your iPhone.

Tip #2: Don’t Charge It Overnight

Some people have a habit of charging their phones overnight because it is convenient for them to leave their phones on charging while they are going to sleep. But, it’s not good for the iPhone’s battery. Leaving your iPhone charging overnight can cause the battery to be overcharged, affecting overall battery health. 

So, ensure you don’t leave your iPhone on charging overnight and unplug the phone once it is fully charged.

Tip #3: Do Not Maximize Charge Cycles

You may know that a battery’s life depends on its charging cycle, which is how many times a battery has been charged. So, to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy, you will have to ensure you are not maximizing the charging cycle. 

Some people have a habit of partially charging their iPhone, so they have to charge their iPhone 2-3 times a day. This maximizes the battery’s charge cycle, while more charging cycle means weak battery health.

So, always fully charge your iPhone and don’t maximize the charging cycle.

Tip #4: Don’t Leave It Low Charged for a Long Time

Leaving your low-charged iPhone for a long time can cause battery cells to get weak or dead, eventually weakening the battery. So, to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy, you must ensure that your phone is at least 50% charged before leaving it for a long time.

Leaving your iPhone with some charge will keep the battery cells alive, and when you again recharge your iPhone, the battery will work with its full capacity.

Tip #5: Turn Off Unwanted Features

Your phone usage also affects your battery’s health. So, try to turn off unwanted features on your iPhone. For example, if you don’t need to connect your iPhone with a Bluetooth device, it is unnecessary to keep it turned on. 

Similarly, if you are not using the internet on your iPhone, turn off the mobile data because it can drain your battery. 

So, turning down unwanted features can also help you keep your iPhone battery healthy.

Tip #6: Update to the Latest iOS

Suppose you have received an “Update iOS” notification on your iPhone. In that case, you should update the phone to the latest iOS because new iOS always comes with better features and improved battery optimization.

Apple releases new iOS updates to keep their device’s users updated with the latest digital technologies while improving their user experience. So, updating your iPhone to the latest iOS always provides benefits.

Quick Tip

Try not to update to the latest beta version of iOS immediately. But, wait for a few days and read other users’ reviews about the beta update; if other users are having any issues with the iOS, you will be aware of those issues before updating your iPhone.

Tip #7: Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

When you take your iPhone from the hot atmosphere to the cold atmosphere, the battery needs some time to calibrate and adjust itself according to the new temperature. If you give it time, it adjusts itself efficiently. But, if there are simultaneous extreme temperature changes, the battery wouldn’t be able to adjust itself according to the temperature, eventually leading your iPhone’s battery to get weak. 

So, avoid extreme temperature changes by keeping your iPhone in a case where external heat or cold doesn’t directly affect the phone.

Tip #8: Remove Heavy Cases While Charging

When you charge your iPhone, the battery is likely to increase its temperature because charges are passing through the current source towards the battery. 

So, it is not advisable to put on heavy cases while charging because they will trap the heat inside and make your iPhone heat up, and due to heat, battery health will become weak.

Tip #9: Enable Low Power Mode When Battery Is Low

Enabling Low Power Mode whenever your iPhone is low on charge can help reduce the load on the battery, and this help keep your iPhone’s battery healthy. If you don’t enable Low Power Mode, your iPhone’s components and features will continue draining the battery, leading to weakening battery health.

Tip #10: Prefer Using Wi-Fi Over Mobile Data

Using the internet over mobile data can consume more battery than Wi-Fi. So, prefer using Wi-Fi over mobile data to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy. 

Besides, try to turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data connection when you aren’t using the internet. It will eventually help you not quickly drain your battery and help improve battery health.

Bonus Tip To Maintain Your iPhone Battery Health

The bonus tip for maintaining your iPhone’s battery health is to use Dark Mode whenever possible and not completely drain the battery. Dark mode will ensure that your iPhone’s screen doesn’t consume much battery to show different colors on the screen. This will help your iPhone’s battery last longer, which is a positive step to maintaining battery health. 


So, the above-given tips can help you maintain your iPhone battery health. You may know your iPhone battery health depends on two main things: how you charge it and how you use it. That is why I have given both charging and usage tips to help you maintain your iPhone’s battery health and use your phone for a longer time.

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