How to Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

How To Stop Your Laptop From Getting Hot

When you see this article, the first question that comes to mind is, “how possible is it to keep your laptop cool while gaming?” Of course, it is normal for your laptop to generate a certain amount of heat while in use, which brings me to the question, “How hot is too hot for my laptop?” All these questions and more will be answered in the subsequent paragraphs and subheadings with steps to guide you in keeping your laptop cool while gaming.

The first time I experienced an overheating laptop while gaming, the only thought that came to my mind was to pause the game and leave the computer to cool off for a while before resuming. I left the laptop on my bed while busy with other stuff.

About twenty minutes later, I decided to check my laptop, and to my utmost surprise, it was just as hot as I left it twenty minutes ago; HOT!  

The part of my bed where the laptop was placed was very hot. So I took the laptop and placed it on a reading table, and in less than five minutes, my computer was as cool as new.

At this point, I established that I could have enjoyed my game without interruption if only I knew the DOs and DON’Ts of keeping a laptop cool. This inspired my research, and I was able to put together steps that could help keep your laptop cool too.

Some of the things I gathered are as simple as keeping the laptop fan clean, using a cool room environment, and finally reducing the workload.

The remainder of this article includes many other ways to keep your laptop cool while gaming and also explains each method in detail. However, before we see that, let’s know how to identify an overheating laptop.

How Do You Know When You Have an Overheating Laptop?

You can tell how high the stress level of people has gone by just paying close attention to them. The same thing applies to a laptop. You can detect an overheating laptop through your senses of seeing, touching, and hearing. Here are signs that your computer could be overheating;

Sign #1: Sudden Shutdown

You are in the middle of a game, and just when it begins to get exciting, your system suddenly shuts down. Of course, you and I know that it has nothing to do with the battery life because your system is either fully charged or plugged.

Sign #2: Loud Whirring Noises

Yes! This very one happens most of the time. The fan begins to run so fast that you can hear the noise coming from your laptop.

Sign #3: Inability To Perform Simple Tasks In Due Time

In other words, you try to navigate through the icons of your laptop, but it doesn’t respond immediately. For instance, when you have to click on a folder multiple times before you can access it or click on the windows icon, it takes forever to pop up on the screen.

Sign #4: The Staring Contest

An amusing way to call it, but this happens when your laptop hangs and fails to respond to any instruction. You stare at it, and it stares right back at you.

Sign #5: Temperature

At this point, your laptop feels so hot that you think it can blow up into tiny pieces at any time.

Now that we know what to look out for to detect an overheating laptop let’s proceed to the juiciest part of the article.

How Can You Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming?

I wouldn’t say I like interruptions while gaming on my laptop, and I am sure you do too. The following steps will help to ensure that you don’t experience any more interruptions while gaming:

Step #1: Find a Suitable Position/Spot

It is essential to know that a suitable position for you may not suit your laptop.


From the experience that I shared, I am sure you know now that the bed is not a very good surface for your laptop because it blocks the free flow of air into the system. Your system won’t function properly if there is no air to cool off the inner components.

Bad Surfaces for Laptop

  • Pillow top
  • Thighs
  • Blanket
  • Stomach
  • Couch

Good Surfaces for Laptop

  • A clean table.
  • A small laptop table that could be used in bed as well.
  • A clean stool big enough to accommodate the laptop or any other clean, dry and flat surface.

Step #2: Get Laptop Cooling Accessories

Laptop accessories aren’t exclusive to charges, adapters, and the likes.

Some other laptop accessories are:

  • Portable laptop stand
  • A cooling pad with inbuilt fans
  • A laptop desk
  • A wireless keyboard
  • A wireless mouse

Also, when replacing essential accessories like the charger, ensure to get an original one to avoid damage and overheating of your laptop.

Step #3: Reduce the Workload

Just like we have apps that run in the background on our phones, there are programs on the laptop that keep running unless you shut them down.

Hence, you have to shut down unneeded background programs running on your PC while gaming.


This is a crucial step before launching a game on your laptop. It will boost the speed of your laptop and allow you a smooth gaming experience.

Step #4: Keep the Fan Clean

You should check your laptop’s fan from time to time to ensure it is not stuffed with dust. This way, you won’t be interrupted and forced to do that in the middle of your game.

Step #5: Hard or Software Issue

In most cases, the graphic processor is usually affected and begins to generate heat so much that following the tips mentioned above may not be effective. The best way to resolve this is by reducing the in-game settings and getting an external graphics processor.

While doing all of these may seem easy, it is advisable to get an authorized professional. However, you can work into approved stores to get your laptop accessories.


Remember to ask as many questions about the compatibility of every accessory you are getting with your laptop.


In this guide about keeping your laptop cool while gaming, we have discussed how to identify an overheating problem and keep your laptop cool while gaming. Although it seems cool and fun to play games with laptops, sometimes they get overheated and interrupt us from gaming!

With this guide, you don’t have to worry anymore. We hope your questions about keeping your laptop cool while gaming has been answered in this guide, and you feel confident about playing cool games with your laptop. You can share this guide with your friends too. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot is it too hot for my laptop?

The maximum temperature for your laptop while gaming should be 80C

Is it okay to unscrew my laptop still under warranty?

No. It is advisable to take it to an authorized professional.

Should I keep my laptop plugged in while gaming?

It is OK to keep your laptop plugged in for a while because it draws power directly from the power brick. Hence, there are no damages done to the battery.

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