How To Log Out of Fortnite


When Fortnite initially came up, it was only available on the PC, and logging out of it wasn’t necessary unless you frequently game in public servers such as cafes or game centers.

However, now, the Fortnite game is available on other gaming consoles. And many players now play Fortnite on different consoles and need to log out of them. Also, household members sharing a single game console must log out of their Fortnite account.

Quick Answer

The method used to log out of a Fortnite account depends on your game console. However, for most consoles, the easiest way to log out of a Fortnite account is to use the Epic game website and log out via the site.

This article covers the different methods to log out of a Fortnite account, depending on your game console. And if you prefer switching between Fortnite accounts to logging out, you will see you can do that in this article.

How To Log Out of Fortnite

Depending on your game console, there are different methods to log out of a Fortnite account. Below, you will see several ways to log out of Fortnite.

Method #1: Log Out of Fortnite on a Game Console

There is now a logout button for the Fortnite game. It appeared during chapter 2 and season 5 of the Fortnite game. Previously, players had to rely on a hard way to log out of their Fortnite match.

Now, you can log out of your Fortnite account on a game console such as Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

  1. Open the Settings on your Fortnite account.
  2. Move to the “Account and Privacy” tab.
  3. Select the “Logout” button, which automatically logs the Fortnite account.

Method #2: Log Out of Fortnite on a Web Browser

Not many gamers love using the Fortnite website to play the game there. They prefer other game websites, such as Epic games, to play it.

Epic games allow them to explore other gaming options. And with the Epic game website, players can control their accounts across all platforms.

Here is how to log out of Fortnite using the Epic game website.

  1. Go to the Epic game Fortnite page.
  2. Go to the sign-in button at the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Sign in to your account with your login credentials. This step will take you to the main page, which will also display your username.
  4. Tap your username and select “Account”.
  5. Click the “Connections” tab and click “Accounts”.

The connection page allows you to log out of your account across all platforms where you are logged in. The page also allows you to sign in and log out on the go ensuring that you can secure your Fortnite account anywhere and anytime.

Method #3: Log Out of Fortnite on a PC Launcher

The launcher method is for PC players who don’t necessarily use the Epic game launcher to play it.

Here is how to log out of Fortnite on a PC.

  1. End and close the game. The Epic game launcher appears when you close it.
  2. If the Epic game doesn’t reappear, click on its symbol in the icon list.
  3. Go to the bottom left corner of the launcher and tap your username.
  4. Click “Sign Out” to log out of your Epic game account.

Method #4: Log Out of Fortnite Across All Consoles and Platforms

Another way to log out across all consoles and all platforms is to change your Fortnite password. You can also change your password if you suspect that your Fortnite account is under some form of unauthorized login.


The browser method is suitable if you frequently log in and out of your device.

How Do I Unlink My Account From Fortnite?

Fortnite does not support you removing your console account from your Epic Games account because it results in data loss.

Unlinking your console account clears all your account information with Epic games. You will lose your game history, previous purchases, and all your Epic game account information.

When you sign in with an Epic game account that you have unlinked in the past, it becomes a new account. However, this new account will have none of your previous data.

If you still want to proceed and unlink your console account on Epic games, you can unlink it by following the steps below.

  1. Visit the Epic games website and verify your email address.
  2. Open the “Connected Accounts” page.
  3. Scroll to the console you want to unlink and tap “DISCONNECT”.

How Do I Change the User of Fortnite on a PS4?

Here are the steps to switch accounts on a game console when playing Fortnite.

  1. Restart the Fortnite game.
  2. Once the sign-in page appears, type in the other user’s PS4 username and password.
  3. Tap the sign-in button. Following these steps will help you switch easily between different users.


It’s best to log out of your Fortnite account if you share a game console with others. Logging out of your Fortnite account depends on the console you use. And depending on the console, you will likely use a gaming website to log out of your Fortnite account.

If you need to log out of your Fortnite account, check out the methods you can log out of the report using the ways provided in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I log out of my Fortnite account?

Logging out of Fortnite ensures account safety from unauthorized logins. It also prevents other gamers from interfering with your game progress.

Can I merge two accounts on the Epic game Fortnite?

No, you can’t merge two Epic games accounts. If you have more than one Epic game account, you must use them separately.

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