How To Make a Group Chat on Android

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Using group chats on Android is a great way to quickly send messages to multiple people. It doesn’t matter whether you want to send an MMS or an SMS; you can create a group chat and send the message to multiple users. So, how do you make a group chat on Android? 

Quick Answer

To create and send a group message on Android, launch the Message app, and tap on “Create a new message”. Select the contacts you want to send the group message to, compose the message, and tap on “Send” to forward the same message to all the selected contact. 

On your Android device, you can even create group contacts which you can use to send a message to multiple users in that group. Moreover, Google’s release of the RCS messaging improves the texting experience of users across the ecosystem.

This article will elaborate more on the steps to follow to make group chat on Android. 

How To Send Group Messages on Android

When you don’t have time to send text messages to individual contacts on your Android, using the group messaging option becomes viable. For example, when you want to invite your colleagues at work to a party or for an important meeting, using the group messaging function is useful. 

You can even preregister numbers to a group so that it’s easier when you need to send a message to every contact in the group. When you save numbers in a group, you wouldn’t have to start scrolling through your contact list, searching for the names of everyone that needs to get the message. Learn more about the different ways you can send group messages on Android. 

Method #1: Using Google’s Messages App 

The Messages app on most Androids devices is from Google’s text messaging app and is now the default on many Android devices. You can use this messaging app to send group messages on Android devices. 

Here’s how to group messages on Android using the Messages app. 

  1. Launch the Messages app on your Android device. 
  2. Tap on the “Start Chat” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to create a new message. 
  3. Tap on “Create Group” to open a new group conversation screen. 
  4. Select the contacts you want to add to the group by typing the name of the contact of the number and then selecting the contact from the result list. 
  5. Tap “Next” after selecting the contacts and set a group name
  6. Create the message you want to send to the ground and hit “Send”
Quick Tip

If you cannot send group text, enable the “Group MMS” option in the Messages app and try again; it should work.

Method #2: Using Google’s Contacts App 

Another way you can send group messages on Android is by creating a group in the Contact app on your device. This way, when you want to send a group message, you can easily tap on the group contacts and send the message directly without going through the stress of selecting the contacts. 

Here’s how to group messages on Android using the Contacts app.

  1. Launch the Contacts app, tap “Groups”, and then “Create Group”
  2. Set a group name and tap on the plus (+) sign to open the contact list to add contacts. 
  3. Select the contacts you want to add to the group and use the red minus (-) sign to remove contacts you accidentally added. 
  4. When you are done adding all the contacts you want in the group, tap on “Done” to save. 


Group messaging is pretty straightforward on Android devices. However, note that as the creator of the group chat, you are the only one who can send messages to the group. In other words, if other contacts in the group were to respond to your message, you would be the only recipient and not everyone on your group list. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I delete a member from a group? 

Yes, you can delete members from groups on your Android device. To do this, go to your Contact app, tap on “Groups”, and find the group you want to remove a contact from. Find the number you wish to remove from the group, tap on three dots at the top right corner of your phone screen, and select “Remove Contacts”

How can I stop receiving a group text? 

If you notice someone added your number to a group chat and don’t want to keep receiving messages from the group, you can remove yourself from the group. To achieve this, you can either report the number as spam, and it will always send messages from the contact to your spam folder. Or you can block the number that sends the text, and you will stop receiving the text overall.  

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