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How To Make Headphones More Comfortable


Have your headphones been making your ears sore lately? Don’t worry, as there are many ways you can make them more comfortable.

Quick Answer

To make your headphones more comfortable, replace the thin ear pads with thick ones made of genuine leather. Use a prying tool to remove the old pads and the glue residue and dirt from the edge of the headphones using an old toothbrush. Lastly, apply ear pad glue to the new pad’s frame and correctly place them onto your headphones.

To help you with this task, we have written an extensive guide on how to make your headphones more comfortable with easy-to-follow instructions.

Making Headphones More Comfortable

If you don’t know how to make your headphones more comfortable, our following 3 step-by-step methods will help you accomplish this task with minimal effort.

Method #1: Changing Ear Padding

The best solution to make your headphones feel super comfortable on your ears is to replace the old and battered padding with new and thicker ones using these steps.

Step #1: Getting Things Ready

To start with, you’ll need a pair of thicker ear pads made of genuine leather or foam instead of faux leather, as that tends to accumulate more heat and feel greasy on the ear. 

Next, you’ll need some ear pad tapes, which mostly come with replacement pads but are also available separately if yours don’t.

You also need something to pry the old ear pads away, either a professional prying tool or any household item like a dull butter knife, a plastic card, etc. Lastly, you need the help of a toothbrush to scrape away any dirt or glue residue before you replace the ear pads.

Step #2: Removing Old Ear Pads

In this step, insert the prying tool into the gap between the headphone and the cushion and lightly start pulling. Move around the whole area, and once the pad is fully detached, remove it with your hands and repeat the process on the other side.

In some cases, the ear pads might be attached with glue, but no need to worry; just keep prying and pulling until you get the ear pads off completely. Now, use the toothbrush to scrape off the glue and dirt from the headphone to prepare them for installation.

Image 357

Step #3: Installing New Ear Pads

To install the new ear pads onto your headphones, apply the tape with proper placement and make sure that the holes on the tape align with the ones on the pads’ frame. 

Now, peel off the paper cover from the tape and attach the new ear pads to the headphones correctly.

Image 358

Keep holding the ear pad and hold thxem in place for a few seconds until they are attached securely, and that’s about it.

Method #2: Making the Headband a Little Wider

  1. Measure the width of your head from ear to ear using a measuring tape.
  2. Set up a row of books about 1 inch wider than the measurement of your head.
  3. Put the headphones over the books.
  4. Leave the headphones to stretch for a while.
  5. Try putting your headphones on after 24 hours to check if they fit more comfortably.
  6. Leave for a longer amount of time, or add more books as necessary.

Stay within 1 inch to avoid the risk of the headband breaking or becoming loose.

Method #3: Making Headphones More Comfortable With Glasses

  1. Wear your headphones while wearing your glasses, as usual.
  2. Look into a mirror and use a marker to mark the area where the ear pads touch your glasses frame on both sides.
  3. Use a crafting knife to make a slit in the ear pads where the mark is.
  4. Make sure the slit is big enough to fit your frame, and you’re done!

This method might reduce the sound quality of your headphones a little. Also, do not use this method on ear pads made with leather, velour, or faux leather.


In this guide, we have discussed how to make headphones more comfortable by replacing the old ear pads with new, thicker ones, stretching the headband, and making a slit in the ear pads to fit your glasses better.

Hopefully, your question has been answered, and you can listen to your favorite songs on your headphones without worrying about sore ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wear headphones?

The maximum time you should be wearing your headphones is 60 minutes and at 60% volume, according to doctors, as listening to music for extended periods at a loud volume can result in noise-induced hearing loss.

Why do new headphones sound weird at first?

Similar to the time it takes for a new pair of shoes to feel comfortable and adjust to your feet, new headphones go through a “burning in” stage, which is why they might sound weird when you first get them. 

Burning in headphones is done to make the headphone driver’s diaphragm more flexible and improve the sound quality. 

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