How To Make PUBG Run Better on PC

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PUBG is a player vs. player shooter game loved by many. It is played on smartphones and PCs. To get a competitive edge in the game, it’s essential to have the right settings. Notably, on a PC, there are more options you can tweak to make the game run smoother. Now, how do you go about making PUBG run better on PC? 

Quick Answer

You can try configuring your graphics card settings to make PUBG run better on a PC. Configuring the graphics settings in the game can also help the game run better. Freeing storage space, adding more RAM, or upgrading system specs can help the game run better. 

Different settings and options in PUBG affect the game’s performance differently. So, when tweaking the settings, ensure you know what you are doing. It’s also worth noting that even after adjusting the various graphics settings and options, your PC and its component will still dictate how PUBG performs at different settings.

This article will explain more about how to improve PUBG performance.   

Different Ways To Improve PUBG Performance on PC 

There are several ways to make PUBG run better on your PC. While your PC’s specs significantly impact how PUBG runs, there are a couple of tweaks you can make to get more out of it. Below we highlight five methods of improving PUBG performance on PC. 

Method #1: Configure the Graphics Card Settings 

To play a game like PUBG on your PC, it needs to come with a graphics card of some sort. The graphics card can be either integrated or dedicated. Dedicated graphics cards are better for playing games as they are built to handle the high gaming demand better, with the NVidia graphics card being the most popular graphics card on most gaming PCs. By making adjustments to the graphics card on your PC, you can make PUBG run better.  

Here’s how to configure NVidia graphics card settings.

  1. Open the NVidia control panel by right-clicking a space on your desktop, selecting “NVidia” from the option, and clicking on “Manage 3D Settings”
  2. Select “Program Settings” and then click on “PUBG” as a program.
  3. Specify the program settings by adjusting the maximum pre-rendering frames, power management mode, threaded optimization, etc.
  4. When you are done, click “Save”, close the NVidia control panel, and rerun PUBG. 

Method #2: Configure the Graphics Settings in the Game 

In PUBG, you can adjust several graphics settings to make the game run better. Using high FPS, for example, can make the game feel smoother, but if your PC does not have enough resources to support the settings, the game will lag. So, adjusting settings in the game is somewhat about trial and error. 

Here’s how to adjust the settings in PUBG.

  1. Launch PUBG on your PC. 
  2. Tap on the settings icon at the top.
  3. In the settings option, click on the “Graphics” tab and adjust as you see fit. 
  4. Adjusting settings like the screen scale, shadows, effect foliage, view distance, and so on will help the game run better. 
  5. When you are done making the adjustments, save your selection and reboot the game. 

Method #3: Free Up Storage 

Not having enough storage space on your PC can cause PUBG not to run smoothly. This is because its read/write speed will significantly reduce when your storage space is full. So, to get more out of the game, you need to free up your storage. 

Here’s how to free up your PC storage.

  1. You can use an app like Disk Cleanup to delete files you are not using frequently. 
  2. When your internal storage is full, you can transfer files like videos, music, and other files to an external storage drive. 
  3. Delete apps you no longer need on your PC to create space. 

Method #4: Upgrade System Specs 

You may already know this, but upgrading your PC’s spec is a great way to improve your gaming experience. You can upgrade many things on your PC that will help you get more performance from PUBG. To ensure you run PUBG without lag, you must provide your computer meets the minimum requirement. 

Here’s how to upgrade system specs.

  1. You can upgrade the storage disk on your PC from an HDD to an SSD as they are much faster. 
  2. If your PC has two RAM stick slots, you should consider adding a second stick or upgrading both sticks to a higher RAM capacity.  
  3. You can also consider getting a new PC with a better CPU and GPU

Method #5: Update the Network Card and Graphics Card Driver 

The network and graphics card on your PC is vital in getting the best performance while playing PUBG. If your network lags, it can cause several issues while playing PUBG. So, to get the best performance when playing PUBG, you want to ensure you update all your network card drives and graphics card driver. 

Here’s how to update the PC driver. You can update the drivers on your PC manually, but it’s better to update it automatically using the Driver Easy tool to save time. 

  1. Download and install the Driver Easy app on your PC, which will automatically detect all the missing and outdated drivers. 
  2. Click on the “Update All” option to automatically download and install all the missing drivers. 
  3. When an update is complete, reboot your PC and rerun the PUBG game. 
Quick Facts

Interestingly, there are no recommended specs to run PUBG as most games have. There is only the bare minimum that you need to aim to exceed to get the best performance. One compulsory thing is that your operating system must be 64-bits.


There are numerous ways to boost the performance of your PUBG game on a PC. So, if you have been having issues running the PUBG game on your PC, use the tips in this guide to get better performance. And if, after following through with all the tips and you still can’t get the PUBG to perform better, your PC does not meet the minimum requirement to run PUBG. 

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