How To Make Siri Read Text on iPhone

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Did you just find out about this? Well, let us tell you it is completely true! 

You can make Siri read out embarrassing texts at a party or respond to texts without holding your iPhone! In addition, she can help you read articles as you carry on with other tasks, even readings with small text! With everything that Siri can do, isn’t this incredibly useful?

Quick Answer

And you can have this feature by following a few simple steps. All you need to do is head to the Accessibility Settings of your iPhone and enable the Speak Selection button. Voila, a luxury feature awaits! 

In this blog, you will find out why you should turn on this feature and a detailed guide on enabling this setting. In addition, we will give you other bonus tips for using this feature effectively. 

Why Should You Enable This Feature?

We all love Siri, and there is no doubt that Siri can do amazing things. Things that make you go, “Woah”.

Similarly, reading text aloud is a feature you do not just ignore. But what specifically can you get out of this feature? Here is a thing or two that you should know.

  • Instead of reading articles, you can enable this feature and listen to the text in the form of a podcast
  • You can do your chores and listen to the texts in the background.
  • It can read notes, blogs, small-sized readings, and even articles on Safari. 
  • You can respond to your text messages without picking up your phone.

How Do You Make Siri Read Text To You?

If you are delighted with this feature, here is how you can turn it on.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Then head to “Accessibility”.
  3. Enable “Spoken Content”.
  4. Now either press “Speak Selection” (to read specific text) or “Speak Screen” (to read the whole screen).

Say “Speak Screen” for Siri to read the text. You can also do the following.

  • If you want to hear a specific part of the text, select the text and tap on “Speak”.
  • If you want to hear Siri read out the whole screen, swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. 

Here are a few adjustments you can make to enhance the experience of Siri reading text aloud:

Speech Controller – to get quick access to Speak Screen and Speak on Touch from Control Center.
Highlight content – it can highlight the text as Siri speaks it. You can change the color or style settings to anything that you like. 
Voices – you can choose any voice or dialect for Siri to use while speaking.
Pronunciations – if you are stuck with a word or phrase, this feature spells them out to you.

How To Make Siri Read Text Messages on Your iPhone?

If you want Siri to read out arriving messages, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Go to “Settings” and then tap on “Notifications”.
  2. Press “Announce Notifications”.
  3. Enable the feature by swiping the button.

This helpful feature comes in handy when you wish to respond to your text messages. Because once Siri reads the messages out to you, she will wait for your reply. Yes, without any command. So, you can respond, and she will type that reply for you.  

However, you should note that this feature works only when the screen is turned off

Similarly, you all know the usual “Siri, read my new messages” command, right? This will prompt the iPhone assistant to read your arriving messages, but only if you ask for it.


Do you want Siri to announce messages automatically when you receive them? You can make it happen and let Siri read your arriving messages aloud. However, you can only do so if you have compatible earbuds.


Summing it up, making Siri read out text is an easy and handy feature. Yes, you can always ask Siri to read the texts. But this feature allows you to do so without making any commands. Isn’t that sweet?

Moreover, with three simple steps, you can enable this feature. So, it is not much of a hassle anyway. And you get to listen to Siri like she has her podcast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t Siri read my text messages?

Enabling the Siri reading out loud feature is not enough. To read out your arriving messages automatically, you must follow these additional steps. 

1) Go to “Settings” > “Notifications”.
2) Tap on “Announce With Siri”.
3) Under the “Announce Messages From” tab, click on the “Messages App”.

How do you have Siri read text messages when the phone is locked?

1) Go to “Settings” > “Notifications” > “Messages”. 
2) Go to “Options” > “Show Preview”. 
3) Change from “Never” or “When Unlocked” to “Always.”
4) Test the setting by locking your phone and commanding Siri to read your messages. 

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