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Gaming on your computer can be a lot of fun, but sometimes you want to minimize the game and do something else. You can access all other apps by minimizing a game while the game keeps running in the background. This way, you can efficiently complete your other tasks and start the game from where you left off without waiting for its reloading. Now, you might wonder how you can do that.

Quick Answer

Multiple combinations of keyboard shortcuts can aid you in minimizing the game on your PC. These methods include the Alt + Tab key, Windows + Tab key, Windows + D key, Windows + M key, and Alt + Esc key.

Further, this post will detail the 6 quick shortcuts you can use on most PCs to minimize a game or running applications. You will get to know the wonders these combinations of keys can do. Let’s get started.

6 Methods To Minimize a Game on the PC

The 6 quick methods I will discuss do more than just minimize a game. So, read on to learn more.

Quick Note

These shortcuts have been tested on Windows 10. However, you can try and see which one works on your Windows version.

Method #1: Windows + D Key

The most common method to minimize a game and all apps running in the background is pressing the D key while holding the Windows key. This combination hides all running apps, and you see the desktop screen. From there, you can choose to open any new application or any running. However, if you press the same combination again, you return to the base app.

Method #2: Windows + M Key

Windows + M key combination functions similar to Windows + D. Like the previous case, pressing the M key while holding the Windows key minimizes all the running apps on your PC. 

However, the only difference here is that by pressing Windows + M twice, you won’t return to your game. Instead, you will have to use a new combination, Windows + Shift + M, to return to your base application.  

Method #3: Alt + Tab Key

Another method to minimize the game is pressing the Alt and Tab keys together. This combination allows you to switch between multiple apps

For instance, if you have other applications open in the background, you can switch from your game to any of these apps. And then quickly return to the game whenever you want. However, if no other app other than the game is running, this won’t minimize the game.

Method #4: Windows Key

Windows key, the key with the Windows icon on your keyboard, is most frequently used to get out of any application, particularly games. You can also use the Windows Key with other keys to get different results. For example, you can change or reduce the size of an app display to the right half section of the screen by combining the Windows key and right arrow key.

In some cases, you will see that the Windows key doesn’t perform any of the abovementioned tasks. This may happen if this key is assigned as one of the game control commands. So, if this method doesn’t work for you, you can use any of the multiple other options listed here.

Method #5: Windows + Tab Key

Windows + Tab key is like the first method, Alt + Tab. It lets you switch between the apps. However, it offers some additional functions. When you press the Tab key holding the Windows key, you see the thumbnails of all the open running programs and the timeline of all apps you have used recently. 

To switch to other programs, you can use the arrow keys or click the thumbnail of the program. Once you switch to the other program, the last one keeps running in the background.

Furthermore, you can also create a new desktop with this shortcut and open any program separately on the new desktop space. However, if you keep creating desktop spaces, these multiple desktops will consume more RAM and cause your PC to slow down.

Method #6: Alt + Esc Key

You may minimize one program and move to the one below it by pressing the Alt key and the Escape key simultaneously. This functionality, however, is only available when using a multitasking setup. It can’t just go straight to the desktop and shut down everything running. Instead, it just minimizes whatever app is presently active in the foreground. 

In this case, if you have many apps open and want to return to the first one, you will have to go through all of them by minimizing and restoring them until you reach the first one.

Since this shortcut only works when multiple programs are open in addition to the one displayed, it isn’t widely known.

Final Words

These are the 6 common shortcuts that minimize a game on PC. Most of these methods not only minimize the game but also let you switch between apps/games. However, there are a few that only work when you have multiple apps open in the background. Test these shortcuts on your PC, and let us know which works best for you.

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