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How To Open “NULL” File

How To Open A Null File

Files that have the “.null” extension tend to be corrupted files marked as such by Windows. Usually, this destination means the file cannot be appropriately activated. Hence, It’s not easy to open a “.null” file in most cases. However, there are some things you can try to do to activate a “.null” file.

Quick Answer

To open a .null file, you can attempt using a text editor, or you can contact the developer of the file.

In this blog post, we will show you how to use some software programs to open a .null file. Also, we will show you how to open it without using any program.

How To Open a Null File

It would be best if you first attempted to open your .null file normally on your computer system. If it doesn’t work, try using specific software programs to open it. This software has been developed for opening .null files specifically.

If this doesn’t work, you should attempt contacting the developer or owner of the file to open it.

Below are the various steps explaining how to go about it.

Method #1: Try Opening It Normally

Generally speaking, double-clicking a null file is not going to work. However, it would help if you always tried it anyway, on the off chance it does. After all, there’s no need to go through all of this other complicated stuff if the most straightforward solution works for you. It likely will not, but it never hurts to try.

Method #2: Use a Particular Program to Open the File

While the file in question may be marked as .null,” that usually does not denote what type of file the program initially was. In some cases, you need to try and open a .null file with a program that would have been able to open the uncorrupted version.

For instance, if the corrupted file were an image file, you wouldn’t try to open it with Microsoft Word. You can almost always determine what type of file a .null file is by looking under its “properties” tab. If you are on Windows, you will find this tab by right-clicking on the file, clicking on “properties,” and searching for the “type of file” description.

If you are on a Mac computer, you would still right-click on the file, but instead, you could click on a tab called “more info” and then look for a section labeled “Kind.” Doing this would allow you to determine what type of file your corrupted “.null” file is. 

Once you have determined this, attempt to open the file with an appropriate program. If you are lucky, this will work, but you may have to try other methods.

Method #3: Using a Universal File Viewer

A universal file viewer is a program that does exactly what it sounds like: they are supposed to allow you to view any file. Unfortunately, while universal file viewers do grant you the ability to open a very diverse array of files, it’s not guaranteed that you will be able to open your .null file with such a program.

Still, it’s worth trying. You can find many different types of universal file viewers online. Some are free, some are paid, and some may have free trials. It’s up to you to find out which type of universal file viewer you are most comfortable with using. After all, if you don’t get corrupted files very often, you may not want to buy one.

Remember that a universal file viewer may still be unable to view your corrupted file in some cases, so, unfortunately, it’s not a guaranteed solution.

Method #4: Ask the Developer

If you can’t find any other way to make it work, sometimes the best thing is to ask the software developer of the file or program. For instance, if you have a corrupted Word document that you can’t seem to open no matter what you try, you could potentially ask for help from the Microsoft support team.

Keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed solution, as it depends on whether or not a software developer would be willing to help you with your problem, but most support teams try their best to be very helpful when people come to them with problems.

That being the case, if none of the other options mentioned in this article will open the .null file you are looking at, your best bet may be to contact the relevant software developer for the file in question and attempt to enlist their aid.


Unfortunately, opening a .null file is often tricky. Because the file is corrupted, your computer will usually have trouble opening it no matter what you do. You can try opening it traditionally, but it’s unlikely that such a thing will work.

You can try checking what type of file the corrupted file is and then try to open it with the right program. Of course, you can also try to download a universal file viewer, which can view all sorts of files and may be able to view your corrupted file as well.

If all of that fails, your last resort is to contact the appropriate software developer for the file in question and ask them if they can open it for you.

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