How To Open the iPhone SIM Card Tray

Iphone Sim Card Tray

Do you need to change your SIM card on your iPhone but don’t know how to open the SIM card tray? Luckily, there are multiple methods to do so without any difficulty.

Quick Answer

To open your iPhone SIM card tray, locate it on your iPhone based on the model. Get a SIM-eject tool and insert it in the small hole beside the tray. Push it in lightly until the tray slips out. Now, gently slide the tray out. 

We took the time to write a comprehensive step-by-step guide on opening the iPhone SIM Card tray with easy instructions. 

Opening the iPhone SIM Card Tray

If you’re wondering how to open your iPhone SIM card tray, follow our 2 step-by-step methods to go through the whole process quickly. 

Method #1: Using a SIM-Eject Tool

By following these steps, you can use a SIM-eject tool to open your SIM card tray. 

  1. Locate the SIM card tray on your iPhone based on its model. 
  2. Insert the SIM-eject tool in the small hole beside the tray. 
  3. Lightly push the tool in until the tray slips out. 
  4. Gently slide it out. 
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Quick Tip

In the earlier models of the iPhone, the SIM card tray is located on the bottom edge and is at the right side of the phone in most models. 

Method #2: Without Using a SIM-Eject Tool

If you don’t have a SIM-eject tool, don’t worry. You can open a SIM card tray with many other items that you can find easily in your home. 

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Item #1: Paper Pin

If you have a paper pin lying around the house, you can easily use it to open the SIM card tray. Firstly, unfold the straight side of the pin so it’s sticking out. Insert it into the hole and push until the tray slides out. 

Item #2: Earring

Remove the earring’s back and insert the post in the hole beside the SIM card tray. Push it inside, and the tray will quickly come out. 

Item #3: Safety Pin

Find a small-sized safety pin and make sure it fits inside the hole. Lightly push the pin inside until the tray protrudes out. 

Item #4: Toothpick

A convenient item that can be used to open your SIM card tray is a toothpick stick. Insert it into the hole beside the tray and push it to make the tray pop out. If the toothpick is too wide for the hole, break it to make it thin enough to fit. 


Be careful when using household items to open your iPhone SIM card. Carelessness and extra pressure could damage your tray or even harm your finger. 

What To Do if My SIM Card Is Not Detected

If your phone shows a “SIM Card Not Detected” error after replacing or reinserting your SIM card, try the following 5 methods to fix the issue quickly. 

Method #1: Properly Inserting the SIM Tray

If your SIM card is not inserted correctly, it could be the reason for the error. Taking the tray out, you need to reinstall the tray after placing the SIM in the proper orientation. 

Avoid forcefully pushing the tray back in. If it’s stuck, gently press it; otherwise, this could damage the logic board or pin, making your issue worse.

Method #2: Changing the SIM Card’s Direction

Your phone might be showing the error due to your SIM card being placed in the wrong direction. Check the small icon on the tray to see what direction the SIM card should be put in and set it correctly.

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Method #3: Rebooting the Phone

Sometimes, a simple reboot might be able to fix the “SIM Card Not Detected” issue. Restart your phone to see if the problem has been solved. 

Method #4: Take the Phone to a Nearby Technician

The issue will likely be deeply rooted if the above methods haven’t worked. So, take your iPhone to the nearest Apple Authorized repair shop and let them check and fix the problem. 


In this guide, we’ve discussed two easy methods to open an iPhone SIM card tray with or without the help of a SIM-eject tool. We’ve also discussed troubleshooting and solving the “SIM Card Not Detected” error.

Hopefully, with one of these methods, you’ll be able to open the iPhone SIM card tray easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my SIM tray not opening?

There are many different reasons why SIM card trays won’t eject. The tray is often dirty, and the accumulated dirt inhibits normal ejection. The area around the tray should be cleaned with a wet wipe or a damp cloth to help the tray eject smoothly.

Does Apple replace SIM card trays?

Apple does not typically sell individual SIM trays, but if you contact Apple Support, they may send you a replacement SIM tray or arrange for one to be delivered to your local Apple shop.

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