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How To Open Two Apps on Android

Phone With Many Apps Open

The split-screen feature on Android saves time, facilitates easy multitasking, and prevents unneeded going back and forth to access some apps. This feature lets you open two or more apps on your Android and work on them simultaneously. With this feature, you can boost your productivity and work through different apps seamlessly on your Android phone.

Quick Answer

The Android phone has a navigation button to allow you to open apps on your Android. In most Android phones, you just need to long-press the “Recent App” button to view in split-screen mode directly. The other way is to tap the recent app button, and after that, tap the split screen button to open two or more apps on Android.

The remainder of this article will guide you on how to use split-screen Android features. And by the end of reading this post, you should know how to open two or more apps on one screen.

How To Open Two Apps on Android

Among the navigation buttons, the recent app button on Android is the major button you use to open two or more apps on Android.

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Method #1: Use of Recent Button + App Icon + Split Screen Button

Some Android phones allow you to use split-screen mode when you tap the app icon after clicking the “Recent” button. An example of such a phone is Samsung.

Here is how to use the split-screen feature using this method:

  1. Go to your “Navigation” button and open the “Recent Apps” on your Android phone.
  2. Click the app icon.
  3. Select “Open in Split-screen view” or “Open in Pop-up view”.
  4. Tap the other app you want in screen mode.
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Method #2: Long Press Recent App Button

This method is the most straightforward way to use split-screen mode on your Android. All it requires of you is to long-press the recent app button to use two or more apps simultaneously.

Here is how to use the split-screen feature by long-pressing the recent app button:

  1. Long press the “Recent App” button on the navigation bar of your android phone.
    After that, a list of all the recent apps will appear on your screen. However, they will appear in split-screen mode.
  2. Tap on the app you wish to work on.

Method #3: Use of Recent App + Split Screen Button

On most Android phones, this method is the only way to open the split screen button.

Here is how to use the recent app plus the split screen button to enable split-screen mode:

  1. Go to your “Recent Apps” like the way it is done is normal recent app mode.
  2. Click the “Split-Screen” button.
    Image 40
  3. Click on the app you want to use in split-screen mode.

Uses of Split Screen Mode on Android

Here are the benefits of using split-screen mode on Android:

  • The split-screen mode cuts navigation time between apps. Hence, it saves time.
  • The split-screen mode makes it possible to seamlessly perform two tasks normally done in pairs. For example, researching a topic online using your browser app and typing it using your document app.
  • It facilitates easy multitasking on your device. For instance, when using two different social media apps simultaneously.
  • It conserves RAM space. It utilizes a low RAM space and prevents your browser tabs or other apps from restarting themselves during navigation. This feature is useful when you want to copy a code from one app, for example, an email, or Message app, to your browser app.


When you are faced with the need to multitask on your Android phone, you should use the split-screen mode to do that. We have listed the method to use the split-screen mode in this article. They will help you when the need arises to do so. However, you should know that not all the methods will work for all Android phones. You should try out each method and see the one that works for your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run 2 apps at once on Android?

Yes, you can run 2 apps at once on an Android phone using the split-screen feature.

How do I split my screen side by side on Android?

The default way of splitting the screen is a portrait orientation with the apps on top. However, you can let your apps run side by side when you run them in normal split-screen mode and switch on the auto-rotate button.

Are there split-screen apps available for Android?

Yes, split-screen apps allow you to open multiple apps at once on your Android device. Best examples of split-screen apps for Android phones are Split screen shortcuts, Split screen- Dual windows for Multitasking, and floating apps.

Are all apps available for split-screen mode?

No, some apps are excluded from operating in split-screen mode. In such cases, you should use a split-screen app to enable it.

How to close split-screen mode?

The method used to cancel the split-screen mode depends on your Android phone. It is usually in reverse order to enable the split-screen mode. To disable the split-screen mode, you should long-press the recent app button. Pressing the recent app button in split-screen mode reverses it to its normal mode. Alternatively, you can disable the split-screen mode by tapping back on the split-screen button if it is activated.

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