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How To Pair and Connect Keyboard to Mac

How To Pair And Connect Keyboard To Mac

Magic Keyboard is known for its seamless connectivity with any Apple device, including MacBooks. The misconception is that you can’t connect other keyboards with a Mac. But interestingly, Mac also supports other typical wireless and USB-C keyboards. However, connecting an ordinary keyboard with a Mac is different, and you may find it a bit challenging, especially if you are a new Mac user.

Fortunately, Mac lets you connect other wireless and USB-C keyboards. You can even use a Magic Keyboard and a generic keyboard simultaneously without any issues. However, the process is relatively long and different when connecting a third-party keyboard with Mac. But you can still do it, and we will help you with this. 

This guide explains how you can connect a third-party wireless keyboard, a USB-C keyboard, and a Magic Keyboard with your Mac. It covers all the steps most straightforwardly to make you understand better. You can rely on the tutorial and follow it to connect a keyboard with your Mac. 

How To Connect a Keyboard to Mac

You can read this section and learn to connect a typical Bluetooth-wireless keyboard, USB-C keyboard, and the feature-packed Apple Magic Keyboard. So, follow the below-mentioned steps and connect your keyboard with your Mac. 

Connect Apple Magic Keyboard With Your Mac

Here’s how you can connect a Magic Keyboard to your Mac system.

  1. Connect the Magic Keyboard with your Mac using the USB-C to lightning cable.
  2. Toggle on the switch on the top of the Magic Keyboard.
  3. Move to your Mac screen and click the Apple logo in the top menu. 
  4. Click System Preferences from the given options. 
  5. Click “Bluetooth” to search for your Magic Keyboard.
  6. Wait a few seconds to finish pairing your Mac with your Magic Keyboard. 
  7. Unplug the USB-C to lightning to use it wirelessly.
Quick Tip

You can unpair the Magic Keyboard from your Mac by holding the Shift and Option keys concurrently. Once the Bluetooth menu appears, click “Debug” and select “Remove All Devices“.

Connect Third-Party Wireless Keyboard With Your Mac

Here’s how you can connect a third-party wireless keyboard with your Mac.

  1. Turn on your third-party wireless keyboard.
  2. Press Command + F and type “Bluetooth” in the search bar. 
  3. Hit the Return key
  4. Enable the pairing feature of your keyboard to let the Mac discover it.
  5. Wait a few seconds to let the Mac scan for your wireless keyboard. 
  6. Once you see the keyboard, click it. 
  7. Press the keys mentioned on your display to allow the Mac to identify your new keyboard

Voila! You have now paired your wireless keyboard with your Mac. 

Connect Generic USB-C Keyboard With Your Mac

Here’s how you can connect a third-party USB-C keyboard with your Mac.

  1. Plug in your keyboard’s USB to your Mac’s USB-C port correctly. 
  2. Mac will automatically recognize your keyboard. 
  3. You will see a “Keyboard Setup Assistant Window” prompt on your screen. 
  4. Click “Continue” to start the pairing process. 
  5. Press the next key right after the Right Shift and Left Shift key.
  6. Select the “Keyboard Type” to “Default” and click “Done“. 
  7. Click the Apple logo in the top menu and select System Preferences
  8. Click the “Keyboard” and select the “Modifier Keys“. 
  9. Select the USB Keyboard from the “Select Keyboard” options. 
  10. Press the Command option from the Control key
  11. Set shortcuts keys according to your choice and click “OK“. 

That’s it. You have now connected a USB-C keyboard with your Mac.

6 Quick Fixes To the “Keyboard Not Detected on Mac” Issue

Some Mac users have experienced issues connecting their USB-C or third-party wireless keyboard with their Mac. Users reported that their Mac didn’t detect their USB-C or third-party wireless keyboard when searching for available Bluetooth devices. Unfortunately, if you face this issue, you can try these quick fixes to the keyboard not detected on the Mac. 

  • You must ensure your Bluetooth is turned on to scan available Bluetooth devices nearby. 
  • You should also ensure that your keyboard is turned on and pairing is enabled
  • If you are using a USB-C Keyboard, you must ensure it is correctly connected to your Mac. 
  • If your keyboard requires some drivers, ensure that you have already installed those drivers on your Mac. 
  • You can try removing all the Bluetooth devices and reconnecting.
  • You can dig deeper by resetting the System Management Controller and PRAM. 


Mac isn’t only compatible with Apple products. It also works smoothly with other products, including keyboards and mice. If you don’t have the Magic Keyboard or if it’s malfunctioned for any reason. You can easily connect other typical wireless and USB-C keyboards with your Mac. We already mentioned how you could easily connect third-party wireless and USB-C with your Mac. So, this is how you can connect a keyboard to a Mac. We hope you have successfully connected your keyboard to your Mac.

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