How To Pair Galaxy Buds to a Laptop

Galaxy Buds

Earbuds are a reasonably new technology compared to wired earphones, but some brands have already mastered making quality earbuds and have taken over the market. One of these brands is Samsung with their Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy Buds are more than just small, portable, and wireless earpieces. Instead, they offer an immersive audio experience with active noise cancellation settings and an in-built microphone for voice pickup, making your calls audible and clear.

Even with these qualities, it’s essential to know you can use your Galaxy Buds with more than just your phone. You’re lucky if you’re curious about connecting your Galaxy Buds to your laptop.

Quick Answer

To pair your Galaxy Buds to a laptop, open the earbud’s case to put them in pairing mode. Next, scroll to your laptop’s Devices menu in Settings. After you find it, go to Bluetooth and other devices > add Bluetooth and other devices. Click on the Galaxy Buds on the list.

Read this article to learn how to connect Galaxy Buds to your laptop and simple solutions if you can’t do so.

Overview of Pairing Galaxy Buds to Laptop

One of the significant concerns of connecting Galaxy Buds to laptops is audio quality. The truth is, Galaxy Buds’ have impressive sound quality, even on a computer. 

Before connecting Galaxy Buds to your laptop, ensure that your computer has built-in Bluetooth capability. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to use a Bluetooth adapter. Fortunately, connecting a Bluetooth adapter is straightforward. Just plug the adapter into the laptop’s USB port. 

If your Bluetooth capability is ready, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to “Devices“.
  3. Select “Add Other Device“.
  4. Click “Bluetooth“.

If your laptop has built-in Bluetooth capability, connecting your Galaxy Buds will only take a few simple moves, as detailed in the next section.

Pairing Galaxy Buds to Laptop: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the steps below to pair Galaxy Buds to a laptop.

  1. Ensure the Galaxy Buds charge fully before putting them back in their case.
  2. Launch Settings by opening the app directly or using the menu search box.
  3. Locate the “Devices” option.
  4. Click “Add Bluetooth or Other Devices“.
  5. If the Bluetooth toggle below this option indicates “Off“, slide it to “On“.
  6. Open the Galaxy Buds case to place it in pairing mode.
  7. Go to the Bluetooth section under the laptop’s device menu and select “Add a Device“.
  8. Click on “Galaxy Buds” in the list.
  9. Depending on your laptop, you might receive a success message or a prompt to click “Done” to complete the pairing process.
  10. Play something on your laptop, then place the Galaxy Buds in your ear. If the pairing process is successful, you should hear whatever is playing on the computer through the buds.

Use the steps below to unpair your Galaxy Buds from your laptop after.

  1. Go to the laptop’s Settings.
  2. Navigate to “Devices“.
  3. Select “Add Bluetooth or Other Devices“.
  4. Click “Audio“. A list of connected audio devices will appear.
  5. Select the “Disconnect” option under the “Galaxy Buds“.
  6. Play something on your laptop. When you play a song, you will hear it through the laptop’s speakers and not the Galaxy Buds.

Pairing Galaxy Buds With Laptop Problems

Even though pairing Galaxy Buds to a laptop is pretty straightforward, you may occasionally run into issues like the buds failing to connect or the buds pairing but disconnecting after a few minutes.

Here are quick fixes if your Galaxy Buds fail to pair to your laptop.

Restart Your Laptop

Sometimes, a simple reboot of your laptop will refresh system processes and help fix a Galaxy Buds pairing problem. To restore these system processes, click on your laptop’s power button and select the restart option. After the laptop restarts, attempt to pair the Galaxy Buds again and see if it works.

Run Your Laptop’s Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

If restarting your laptop doesn’t fix the pairing problem, try running your laptop’s hardware and device troubleshooter. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot your computer.

  1. Go to the laptop’s Settings.
  2. Tap on “Update and Security“.
  3. Click “Troubleshoot” on the left panel.
  4. Go to “Additional Troubleshooters“.
  5. Select “Bluetooth” in the menu with various device and hardware options.
  6. Click “Run the Troubleshooter“.
  7. Restart the laptop, then pair the Galaxy Buds again.


As you’ve learned, pairing Galaxy Buds to a laptop is pretty straightforward. You only need to ensure your laptop’s Bluetooth connection is enabled; go to Settings > Bluetooth & Devices, and pair your computer with the Galaxy Buds.

If you can’t pair the Galaxy Buds with your laptop, try restarting your computer. Sometimes it only takes a system reboot to refresh laptop processes. Try sliding the Bluetooth toggle On > Off > On again and repeat the pairing process if this doesn’t work.  

Alternatively, use the laptop’s hardware and device troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the problem. Hopefully, you can now connect your Galaxy Buds to the laptop successfully.

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