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How To Permanently Delete Apps From iCloud

How To Permanently Delete Apps From Icloud

Getting the notification that your iCloud storage is full can be pretty annoying as the iCloud itself is a backup storage.

However, this is expected considering that you only get allocated 5 GB of free storage. And when we get such notifications, the only option left is to delete some of the files stored in them. 

If your iCloud storage is full, you’ll need to start offloading some of the items, including photos, music, movies, and apps. This way, you avoid paying any fee to get an additional storage space.

Quick Answer

Apple already provides accessible features that allow you to delete your app when needed. You can get this icon through the Apple Icon app, Cloud app, or via the settings on your device. The features available depend on whether you use a Windows, Mac, or iOS operating system.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a guide on permanently deleting apps from your iCloud account. Let’s get started.

How To Permanently Delete Apps From Cloud

The following are the steps to permanently delete apps from an iCloud for an iOS, Mac, and Windows operating system.

Method #1: How To Delete an App on iOS From iCloud 

All the apps on iPod touch, iPads, and iPhones which run iOS are backed up to iCloud automatically. However, these apps take up a lot of space on iCloud, and you might need to get rid of them to have some space left. Here are the steps to follow when doing this:

  1. Click on “Settings,” which is on your device’s home screen. 
  2. Go to the top section of the “Settings” interface to click your name. 
  3. Press on “iCloud.”
  4. Click on “Manage Storage” to see the iCloud storage settings. 
  5. Tap “Backups” to view the list of gadgets synced to your iCloud account. 
  6. Select the device with the app you wish to delete. If you’re looking to get rid of apps from a couple of gadgets, repeat these steps and choose the applicable device accordingly. 
  7. Click on “Choose Data to Back up.” 
  8. Press “Show All Apps.” 
  9. Locate the app you wish to remove from iCloud. 
  10. Click the app’s “ON/OFF Toggle” and ensure it’s switched off. 
  11. You’ll see a message below your screen inquiring whether you wish to switch off the app’s backup and remove all related data from iCloud. 
  12. Click “Turn OFF & Delete” to finish this process. 

Method #2: How To Delete an App on macOS From iCloud 

You can also store apps on your Mac in the iCloud, which can quickly deplete the free available storage space. If this happens, follow these steps to delete these apps from iCloud permanently:

  1. Go to your screen’s upper-left corner and choose the “Apple Icon.” 
  2. Select “System Preferences” in the drop-down menu. 
  3. Choose “Apple ID” in the Preferences window. 
  4. Type your “Apple ID” and password if required. If you’ve set up two-factor authentication, enter the verification code sent to another of your gadgets. 
  5. In the iCloud interface’s lower-right corner, select “Manage.”
  6. Check the pop-up window to find the app you wish to delete and click on it. 
  7. Click on “Delete All Files” to get rid of every file linked with this app on your iCloud account. If a warning message pops up, go right ahead and press “Delete” to finish this process. 

Method #3: How To Delete an App on Windows From iCloud 

You can also delete apps on iCloud using your Windows PC, and below are the steps to follow: 

  1. Download and install the iCloud for Windows 10 or the specific Windows version you’re using.   
  2. Click on the “iCloud Desktop App” to open it and subsequently type your Apple ID and password, if necessary. 
  3. Go to the iCloud interface’s lower-right corner and click on “Storage.”
  4. Choose the app you wish to delete. 
  5. Click on “Delete Documents and Data” to eliminate all the files from the iCloud backup linked to the app. If you get a warning message, press “Delete” to finish the process. 


If you were confused about how to delete apps from iCloud, this is no longer an issue. This guide has outlined how you can remove these apps to no longer take up that valuable space. 

It is a bit longer than uninstalling an app from your phone. However, it’s still reasonably easy to follow and understand. With this in mind, you’ll no longer have an issue permanently deleting an app from your iCloud.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Delete Unused Apps From iCloud? 

Yes, you can get rid of an unused app from iCloud by going to Settings and clicking on iCloud.
Next, scroll down and press the option Manage Storage. You’ll see a list of iCloud apps.
Thereafter, choose the app you wish to permanently uninstall from your iCloud.

What Happens When I Delete an App From the iCloud backup? 

After deleting an app from your iCloud backup, it’s consequently removed from every other iOS or macOS device you own.

Does Deleting Your Apple ID Delete All Apps? 

Yes, you can remove every app linked to your account by deleting your Apple ID. You can back up some of the apps and restore them at a future date. 

Why Can’t I Delete Pictures From iCloud? 

It’s often quite hard to delete pictures from your iPhone because they’ve been synced to other gadgets. Therefore, if your pictures have been synched to your PC using Finder or iTunes, you can delete them by connecting your computer and iPhone. If you still can’t delete the pictures, your iCloud Photos are most likely switched on.

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