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How To Play Music Through a Microphone


Have you ever wondered how gamers and YouTubers communicate and listen to music simultaneously through their microphones? You may have thought you needed expensive gadgets to make this happen. But that isn’t necessary. So, how do you play music through your microphone on a PC? 

Quick Answer

If you are using a Windows PC, the easiest way to play music through your microphone while communicating with other people is to change the microphone settings in the Control Panel. But if you’d like more options, you can download and use a third-party app like VoiceMeeter

Of course, you can use an audio mixer if you have one to refine your voice for better quality. But if you don’t have an audio mixer, you don’t necessarily need to spend more than your budget. 

Continue reading this article to explore how to play music through a microphone. Let’s explore more.

Different Methods To Play Music Through a Microphone 

Ideally, you wouldn’t be able to play music simultaneously when streaming or using any other software that requires your microphone. However, with a few settings modifications, you can play music using your microphone. 

Ensure that the mic is not configured to “receive only mode” before using either of the two methods highlighted below to play music through the microphone. 

Method #1: Using the Control Panel

The Control Panel on your Windows PC is a handy utility tool that helps change hardware and software-related features. You can change several things, like the mouse, display, network, keyboard, and sound. If you have a Windows 10 or 11 PC, you can modify the sound settings to enable you to play music through a microphone. 

Here’s how to use the Control Panel to play music through the microphone.

  1. Click the Start icon at the bottom left corner of your screen, search for the Control Panel and click on it to launch it.  
  2. Tap on the option “Hardware & Sound”
  3. In the “Soundbar” tab, select “Manage Audio Device”
  4. Select the recording option and ensure you enable the “Stereo Mix” option. 
  5. You can set it to the default microphone setting, click on “OK”, and you can now play music through the microphone. 

Method #2: Using Third-Party Software

Using the Control Panel is a straightforward way to enable the ability to play music through the microphone on a Windows PC. But using this method only lets you play music and nothing more. You should use a third-party app if you want more features, such as combining audio sources and sending different outputs. However, you can use several third-party apps, such as VoiceMeeter

Here’s how to use VoiceMeeter to play music through a microphone.

  1. Download and install the VoiceMeeter app and EXP Soundboard on your PC. 
  2. Go to the sound settings on your Windows PC, and tap the “Recording” tab. 
  3. Right-click on VoiceMeeter and set it as the default input and output; click on “Apply” and select “OK” before you exit the window. 
  4. Launch the EXP Soundboard on your PC and choose VoiceMeeter as the output software
  5. Launch the VoiceMeeter and choose a default microphone as your input hardware. 
  6. On the right side of the VoiceMeeter app, under the “A1 Hardware Out”, select a default speaker so you can hear the sound in the microphone, and you are done. 
Quick Tip

Before you go live with playing music through your microphone, you should test how the feature works by recording your input through software like Audacity or asking your friends to listen to it.


As you can see from this guide, playing music through the microphone of your PC is relatively easy. There are different ways to do it, so you should be able to find the perfect method for you. Hence, when next you want to stream, skip using external speakers to play music while using the microphone and enable this feature using any of the methods explained in this guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I play music through the microphone on a Mac PC? 

To play music through the microphone of your Mac PC, you can use the QuickTime app or third-party apps. To use QuickTime, tap on “Files”, and select “New Audio Recording”. At the top right corner of your screen, tap on the triangle icon and choose the built-in input. Play music, and you are done. 

Is it possible to play Spotify through my microphone? 

Yes, it is possible to play Spotify through your PC microphone. To play Spotify music using this method, search for the music you want to play and click on the microphone button. You may get a prompt asking for permission before using this feature. Grant the permission, and you are all set to play Spotify through your microphone. 

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