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How To Poke Someone on the Facebook App

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Poking someone on Facebook dates back to the early days of Facebook. While poking is not commonly used today, it is still possible to poke someone on Facebook. Poking a friend on Facebook is a friendly nudge or an icebreaker. So, how do you poke someone on the Facebook app? 

Quick Answer

Poking a friend on the Facebook app is pretty straightforward, although the option is somewhat hidden. But once you navigate to the poke page, find the person you want to poke, and then click the poke button.  

A notification is sent when a friend pokes you or you poke a friend. To avoid people abusing this feature, Facebook only allows you to poke people on your friend list. As such, strangers wouldn’t spam your notification with pokes. This article will explain more about how to poke a friend on the Facebook app. 

Steps To Poke Someone on Facebook 

As we said earlier, the poke feature on Facebook is still in existence, but it is hidden. It is not as though Facebook hid the feature because they didn’t want people to use it anymore, but they removed it to create room for more used features. So, if you want to use the poke feature, you have to search for the feature to find it. 

Step #1: Tap on the Search Icon

An easier way to poke someone is to launch the Facebook app and navigate to the search bar. Tap on the menu icon: the three parallel lines at your screen’s top right corner. When you open the menu, tap on the search icon to search for functions on Facebook. The search function will allow you to search for posts, people, and even shortcuts, amongst other things. 

Step #2: Navigate to the Poke Page

In the search function menu, type in the search bar Poke and tap on “See results for Poke”. You will see a list of options, some of which will be groups and pages, which is not what you are searching for. But you are looking for the Poke shortcut function, which is often the first option you will see on the page. So, tap on the poke shortcut to open the poke page. 

Step #3: Click on the Poke Button To Poke the Person

On the poke page, you will see a list of all your friends you can poke on Facebook. Search for the friend you want to poke and tap on the poke button beside the friend to send a poke to the person. You can send pokes to as many friends as you’d like with no restriction, provided the person is on the list of friends you can poke. 

Quick Tip

If you don’t want someone to send you a poke, you can block them.


If there are friends you haven’t spoken to in a while on Facebook, sending them a poke is a great way to spark a conversation. Although, if your friend decides to ignore your poke, you will not be able to poke them a second time. However, if a friend does poke you back, under the same poke header, you can send a poke back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send a poke using Facebook Lite? 

Yes, you can send a poke to friends even though you use Facebook lite. Poking friends on Facebook lite works in the same way as if you are using normal Facebook. All you have to do is navigate to the poke page by searching for the poke shortcut and then search for the friend you want to poke and send them a poke. 

Is sending a poke considered flirting? 

Poking can have any meaning you and your friends decide to associate with it. But generally, most people associate poking someone with a simple greeting. You could also send a poke to someone as a way to say hello to them and start a conversation. It all comes down to the intention behind why you sent the poke at the end of the day. 

Can I unpoke someone I mistakenly poked? 

Unfortunately, if you were to send a poke to a friend by mistake, you cannot unsend it. So, when you send a poke to someone by mistake, two things can happen, either the person ignores the poke or pokes you back, and you both engage in a casual conversation. 

Is it possible to poke someone multiple times in a row? 

You cannot poke someone more than once in a row. The poke button even changes to Message the moment you send a poke to someone. So, if you would like to increase your chance of getting your friend’s attention, you can further send a message. 

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