How To Preserve Stickers on Laptops

Laptop With Stickers

Using stickers on your laptop depends on your sense of style and personality. However, preserving the stickers on your laptop can be challenging. Even if you are very careful, many things could cause the sticker to wear out. So, how can you preserve the stickers on your laptop?   

Quick Answer

The main reason stickers on your laptop wear out is due to elements like moisture, dust, and UV light acting on it. To preserve the stickers, first, you must stick them correctly, then take care of them properly to keep them from deteriorating.  

Knowing how best to preserve the stickers on your laptop means you should prepare them to hold up to different situations. This article explains how to put stickers correctly and some tips to preserve them. 

The Correct Way To Put Stickers on Your Laptop

It would help if you learned the right way to put a sticker on your laptop in case you haven’t been doing it the right way. Because if you don’t place stickers on your laptop the right way, it might not last long. 

Below are the four easy steps to put stickers on your laptop. 

Step #1: Choose a Location  

The first thing you want to do when you want to put a sticker on your laptop is to choose your desired location. The location has to be flat and has no previous stickers on it; else, it would cause air bubbles under the sticker, which would be the weak point that would ruin it. You should also avoid placing it where it could easily get damaged or scratched. 

Step #2: Clean the Surface 

Next, you have to clean up the surface properly. Use slightly soapy water and a lint-free cloth, and dampen it in the soapy water to clean the surface. When you clean it with soapy water, dry it with a towel. Doing this would remove any residue on the surface, so the sticker clings properly.  

Step #3: Apply Suitable Glue or Peel the Backing Paper

Applying the sticker to the surface of your laptop depends on the sticker. If the sticker does not come with its glue, use the correct type of glue. But if it comes with glue, gently peel the back paper to get to the adhesive. Many people often get this part wrong by completely peeling the whole thing. 

Step #4: Paste the Sticker 

Stick one end of the sticker to the laptop case and run it through the sticker with a ruler, credit card, or any flat object. While placing the sticker, ensure no bubbles get trapped under it, so apply it gently and gradually. Also, try not to let your fingers touch the glue. With the sticker completely pasted, press it firmly for at least 30 seconds so it stays flat and clings against your laptop. 

Tips To Maintain Stickers on Your Laptop  

When you place a sticker on your laptop, ensure you allow it to dry correctly. But proper care is necessary to ensure the sticker stays on your laptop for a long time. There are a few things you should do and some you should avoid that will help your sticker last. 

Here are some tips that will help you maintain your sticker. 

Tip #1: Make the Sticker Water-Resistant

When you place your sticker on your laptop, you should make it water-resistant by spaying a coat of clear sealant. You can also rub clear glue on it. Whether you want to use the sealant or the clear coat method, we recommend using it before pasting the sticker on your laptop. If the sticker is already on your laptop, do not spray or coat it with a sealant, as this could ruin your laptop case and be very difficult to remove. 

Tip #2: Keep the Laptop in a Case

It would help if you also got a proper casing for your laptop. If you often keep your laptop on the bed or by the table next to your window, it could cause the sticker to deteriorate faster. The reason is that when your laptop is outside the case, it is exposed to elements, such as dust and UV light. 

Tip #3: Don’t Clean Paper Stickers With a Damp Cloth

While it is inevitable not to clean your laptop when dusty or oily, you must not clean it with a damp cloth if you use paper stickers. And if you must use a damped cloth to clean your laptop, clean the sides of the sticker and not directly on the sticker. 

The Best Material

If you want to paste stickers on your laptop and want it to last long, get stickers printed on highly resistant material like vinyl.


Pasting stickers on your laptop is a creative way to customize it. But if the stickers are not well pasted, they won’t last long and can make your laptop look old. Hence, it is advisable to correctly paste stickers on your laptop by following the tips above. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to put stickers directly on a laptop? 

Applying a sticker on your laptop is safe. However, you must use the correct sticker type with the right glue. Note that some stickers have a strong adhesive that may peel the paint or leave a permanent dent on your laptop case.  

Should I put the sticker on the upside or downside of my laptop? 

There is no ideal place on your laptop to put stickers. You can put stickers anywhere on your laptop as long as it does not block any port or vent of the laptop. 

Most people place stickers on the upside of the laptop. However, if you would love to put some stickers on the downside of your laptop, you can. 

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