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How To Print on an Apple Computer

Apple Computer Printing

The importance of printing a document on your Apple computer cannot be overemphasized. This is one of the basic functions that any Apple computer can perform. If you own a MacBook, you need to learn how to set up the printing options. This is essential for Mac owners.  

Quick Answer

The process of printing on an Apple computer involves selecting the ideal printer software. Then, connect your Apple device to the printer wirelessly or via a USB port. Select and preview the document to print, make adjustments, and print. It’s that simple. 

A basic task you can carry out on your Apple computer (MacBook) is to print documents. So, are you unsure of how to print on an Apple computer? We’ve got you covered with this guide

How To Print on an Apple Computer 

There’s a high possibility that you’re familiar with printing on a Mac computer. If you’re not, here’s a chance for you to learn the process. We will dive deep into the step-by-step guide.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to print on an Apple computer.

Step #1: Check the Printer Version and Connect

You need to confirm if macOS supports your printer. This involves selecting the proper printer software driver from the printer’s folder. Then, set the printer as default for printing. 

You can print most documents from the program used to create them. Therefore, you should connect your printer to your Apple computer wirelessly or via the USB port. 

Step #2: Select the Document To Print

Once you can confirm that your printer supports Mac, the next thing is to find the document to print. Open your Apple computer and find the document to print from your file storage. 

Once you find the document, select it by clicking on the document. This will open the document

Step #3: Access the Print Dialog Box 

The next step requires accessing the Print Dialog Box from the document to print. With the document open, select “File” and scroll down the display to click “Print” to access the print dialog box. You can also press the keyboard shortcut Command + P to access it. 

This process will open the print dialog box with a preview of the printed document. 

Step #4: Check the Print Preview 

Some applications have a custom print dialog, but you need to check the print preview

On the print dialog box display, you will see a pull-down menu. Use the arrows to scroll and preview each page. Also, you can check the details of the printing options. 

Step #5: Adjust the Print Settings 

You can adjust the print settings by clicking the copies field from the display. 

Here, you can select the number of copies you need to print. Also, you can enable or disable collation. This means you can select if you want to print a few pages or the entire pages. 

  • To print a few pages, set the page range.
  • To print the entire document, set the pages to “All“.

Step #6: Click the Print Button

Once you have your preferred print settings, click “Print“, and you’re done. 

There are more customizations to printing on computers with macOS. However, the steps discussed in this guide are all you need to print successfully on your Apple computer. 


Always check the print preview before you print on your Apple computer. This will show you what the printed document will look like. So, a print preview is very necessary. 

Visit for further support. 


If you’re buying an Apple computer newly, a basic task you need to learn is how to print on the device. With just a few clicks, you can print on your Apple computer without hassle. 

Understanding how to navigate settings and perform tasks on your Apple computer will make you get the best out of the device. So, we believe this guide will help you print any document on your Apple computer. It is a handy guide, so ensure you study it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print to different paper sizes on Mac?

Yes, you can print to different paper sizes on Mac by adjusting the printing settings. Visit the Print menu on your Mac and select your preferred paper size to print to on the “Paper Size” menu. Ensure your paper size is correctly put into your printer, and you can hit “Print“. 

Can I cancel printing on my Apple computer?

You might need to cancel the process if you realize an error in the document you’re about to print. Thankfully, you have the option to pause or cancel the process. This will give you time to correct the errors in the document, and you can continue printing. 

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