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How To Raise Hand in Zoom on Computer

Raise Hand In Zoom

You know it’s a digital era where most meetings are held on Zoom. So, many people are new to the Zoom platform, so they don’t know how to raise their hands in Zoom on the computer. If you are one of them, you have landed in the right place because I will teach you to raise your hand in Zoom on your computer.

Quick Answer

You need to press Alt + Y, and Zoom’s system will process your speaking request, called “Raise Hand“. Similarly, if you are using MacBook, you can press Option + Y to raise your hand. But remember, your Zoom software should be the latest version because older versions didn’t have the raise your hand feature.

There are other ways to raise your hand in Zoom class or meetings. So, let’s get to know each of them for a complete understanding.

What Is “Raise Hand” in Zoom?

“Raise Hand” in Zoom is a feature that allows you to create a virtual “raise hand” during presentations. This way, you can ask the participant or the meeting host questions, which works the same as raising your hand during the class or meeting and asking for permission to speak up.

How To Raise Hand in Zoom on a Computer

There are multiple ways to raise a hand during a Zoom session on the computer. So, let’s get to know each of them.

Method #1: Raise Hand in Windows or macOS Computer

Follow the steps below to raise your hand while running Zoom on your Windows or macOS computer.

  1. During a Zoom meeting or class, look at the bottom-left side of the screen; you will see an option named “Reactions“. Click this button, and a list of reactions will appear on the upper side. 
  2. Press the “Raise Hand” button. It will send a speaking request to the host of the meeting.
  3. Once the host accepts your request, you can speak or ask anything in the meeting.

Method #2: Shortcut To Raise Hand in Zoom on Windows

Zoom has also given a shortcut for the “Raise Hand” feature. You can press Alt + Y together to raise your hand during the meeting, and this works the same as pressing the button with the cursor. But, it’s a more convenient way.

Method #3: Shortcut To Raise Hand in Zoom on MacOS

If you are using a MacBook or a computer running on macOS, you can raise your hand in the Zoom by pressing the Option + Y together. This will notify the host of the meeting, and they will allow you to speak or ask your question.


This is how you can raise your hand in Zoom on the computer. The methods mentioned above will work, but ensure your Zoom software is updated because the “Raise Hand” button wasn’t included in the old versions. Besides, you should also ensure that your computer has a built-in mic or that you are connected with an external mic when you raise your hand in Zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see the “Raise Hand” icon on Zoom?

There could be two reasons why you can’t see the raise hand icon on your Zoom screen. Number one is the host of the meeting could have disabled the feature, meaning they haven’t allowed anyone to speak verbally during the meeting. 

The second one is you are using Zoom’s old version, where the “Raise Hand” button wasn’t included. So, these could be the possible reasons if you cannot see the raise hand icon on your Zoom.

Does Zoom automatically raise your hand?

Zoom can’t automatically activate the Raise Hand feature, but it has a feature that captures the motion of a person. If you raise your hand above your head, the artificially intelligent system of the Zoom will automatically detect your motion and launch a command that you have raised your hand and want to ask a question. 

This convenient feature allows you to raise your hand without touching your keyboard or mouse.

Does Zoom show who used the “Raise Hand” first?

Being a host of the meeting, you will see who has raised hand first. If you are taking a class and multiple students have raised their hands during the class, you can quickly determine if one has raised their hand first by looking at the list. 

The student who raised their hand first will be at the top of the list, and those who raised their hand just now will be at the end.

Can I decline if someone has raised a hand in Zoom?

Being a host of the meeting or class, you can quickly decline the “Raise Hand” request by ignoring it. If you didn’t approve the request, it would stay pending forever.

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