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How To Reboot an AT&T U-Verse Router

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Is your internet driving you to the edge of frustration due to its connectivity issue? Are you looking to reboot your AT&T U-verse to give it a push start? Don’t fret; you can do this quite easily.

Quick Answer

To reboot your AT&T U-verse router, log into the “AT$T Smart Home Manager” website with your credentials. Click “Network”. Select “Home Network Hardware”. Choose “Wi-Fi Gateway” and click “Restart”. Click “Restart” again to confirm your action. 

To simplify things, we took the time to write a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you reboot your AT&T U-verse Router with easy instructions.

Rebooting an AT&T U-Verse Router

If you don’t know how to reboot the AT&T U-verse router, our following 2 easy step-by-step methods will help you go through this process quickly.

Method #1: Rebooting Manually

To manually reboot your AT&T U-verse router, follow these steps.

  1. Disconnect the router’s power cord from the power switch.
  2. Remove the internal backup battery and unplug the phone cord if you are a DSL user.
  3. Wait 20-30 seconds and plug the router’s power cable back into the main wall. 
  4. Reconnect the internal backup battery and plug in the DSL cord.  
Image 265
All Done!

Wait for the next few minutes for the broadband lights to turn green, indicating that the router has rebooted successfully!


Make sure you only wait for 20 seconds to plug everything back again. If the time exceeds, you can lose your network settings, as your router may reset to its default settings.

Method #2: Using the Smart Home Manager

Follow these steps to reboot your AT&T U-verse router using the Smart Home Manager.

  1. Launch a web browser of your choice on your desktop computer or laptop.
  2. Go to the “AT&T Smart Home Manager website and log in to the web panel with your credentials.
    Image 266
  3. Click “Network”
  4. Select “Home Network Hardware”.
  5. Choose “Wi-Fi Gateway” and click “Restart”.
That’s It!

Confirm your decision by clicking “Restart” again, and your router will reboot successfully!

Keep in Mind

Before accessing the AT&T Smart Home Manager, ensure that your router is compatible with Smart Home Manager.

Resetting Your AT&T U-Verse Router

If you’re still facing internet issues after rebooting your AT&T U-verse router, reset it by following these steps.

  1. Locate the “Reset” button near the power input on your router.
    Image 267
  2. Hold down the button for the next 4 seconds.
  3. Release the button and wait for the lights to turn green.

Don’t hold the reset button down for more than 10 seconds, as it can result in restoring your device to factory settings.

Optimizing Your AT&T Internet Connection

Try our following fixes to optimize your AT&T U-verse router connectivity to avoid frequent restarts.

Method #1: Disconnect Connected Devices

Depending on the internet package, you can connect several devices. Exceeding that limit can result in slow internet and connectivity issues.  

To resolve this, log into the AT&T Smart Home Manager website and see the number of devices linked to your router. Next, disconnect the ones you don’t often use and see if you notice any improvement in the network services. 

Method #2: Improve Wi-Fi Signals

Sometimes, Wi-Fi signals from the router fail to reach the specific areas of your vicinity, causing numerous issues that can lead you to believe something is wrong with the device or the router itself.

Try to place your device near the router to rule out this possibility. If the situation improves, invest in an indoor external Wi-Fi Antenna to increase the signal range. 

Method #3: Change or Upgrade the Device

The model of the device that you’re using with the AT&T U-verse router matters a great deal. An outdated mobile or computer running on an older OS often cause poor Wi-Fi signal reception and slow internet speed issues.

As newer smartphones and computers can connect to higher internet speeds, it may be time for you to buy a new device or upgrade the existing one.


In this guide, we’ve discussed how to reboot the AT&T U-verse router. We have also discussed resetting the router and elaborated a few suggestions to optimize your internet connection.

Hopefully, your question is answered in this article, and now you can enjoy uninterrupted internet service from AT&T. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my AT&T Internet router keep disconnecting?

There are multiple reasons why your router connection can disrupt. This is usually because your Wi-Fi router might be outdated or have internal hardware issues. You can resolve this by contacting the AT&T Customer Helpline so they can replace your device as soon as possible.

What does the “WPS” button on my AT&T router do?

WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and is used to connect WPS-enabled devices to the router without entering the password. You can easily do so by pressing the WPS button on the device and connecting the Wi-Fi on your WPS-enabled device simultaneously. 

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