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How To Record FaceTime on iPhone

Facetime Recording On Iphone

FaceTime lets you video chat with another iPhone, iPad, or Mac user. Not only is this video chat feature available, but you can also chat using the call audio. You will usually need to record the sessions on important video meetings, for instance, during lectures or work meetings. Thankfully, Apple knows about our needs, and they have made the recording feature available on iPhone.

Quick Answer

To record on FaceTime, you should use the screen recorder feature. The screen recorder feature is available on iPhones, iPad, and Mac computers. If you tap the screen recorder button, it will start recording your call. On the other hand, tapping it when the recording is active will stop the recording.

In this blog post, you will learn how to record on FaceTime and see how to locate recorded calls on FaceTime. In addition, you will learn how to save your FaceTime call on Mac PC and Android. However, before that, let’s see how to record FaceTime on an iPhone.

How To Record FaceTime Video on iPhone

Before recording your call on FaceTime, ensure these conditions are in place.

  • The surroundings don’t have background noise or distractions.
  • There is a stable internet connection.
  • There are good camera and lighting conditions.

These conditions will give the best recording output. To record only FaceTime video on iPhone, follow these steps.

  1. Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Swipe the bottom of your screen to see the Control Centre. The control center provides you with buttons to adjust the settings of your FaceTime call. 
  3. Tap the screen recording icon. The screen recording icon resembles a pair of white circles.
    Image 230
  4. Resume your call. Your phone will count down 3 seconds to start recording the audio.

How To Record FaceTime Video and Audio on iPhone or iPad

Here is how to record FaceTime video and audio on iPhone or iPad.

  1. On your FaceTime app, swipe up to see the Control Centre and tap the screen recording icon. When you tap the screen recorder, in 3 seconds, your iPhone will start recording your FaceTime call.
  2. Briefly hold the screen recording icon to bring out the microphone icon.
    Image 231
  3. Tap “Microphone” to turn it on.
    Image 232
  4. Resume your call.
  5. When you finish your call, return to the Control Centre and tap the screen recording icon to stop the recording.

How To Record FaceTime Video and Audio on Mac

Not only can you record FaceTime calls on iPhone or iPad, but you can also use your Mac computer to record FaceTime calls.

Here is how to use your Mac to record FaceTime calls.

  1. Let your iPhone and Mac connect using a USB cable.‍
  2. Open the QuickTime Player on your Mac computer.
  3. Click the menu bar and select “File” > “New Movie Recording‍”.
  4. Go to the arrow next to the record button to check for the list of available cameras. After successfully following these steps, you will see your iPhone device in your Mac, letting you know it has successfully paired with it.
  5. Go to your iPhone and open FaceTime.
  6. In QuickTime on your Mac, tap the “Record” button.
  7. Once you are done with the call, stop the recording.
  8. Go back to the QuickTime app on Mac and click “File” > “Save”.
  9. Give a name to your recording and select the destination path.
  10. Click “Save”.

How To Customize the Control Centre To Add Recording Icons

If you do not see the screen recording or sound recorder icons on your Control Centre, don’t worry. Adding them and customizing the buttons on your Control Centre is easy. Take a look.

Step #1: Adding the Screen Recording Icon

If your screen recorder is unavailable on your Control Centre when you slide up your screen, follow these steps.

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Control Centre”.
    Image 230
  2. Browse and locate the “Screen Recording” option and tap the add button (white plus sign enclosed in a green circle).
    Image 232

Step #2: Adding the Voice Memos Icon

If you want to hear your voice or external audio while on FaceTime, you can tap the “Voice Memos” button. You will see how to add the button to the Control Centre below.

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Control Centre”.
    Browse and locate the “Voice Memos” option and tap the add button (white plus sign enclosed in a green circle).
    Image 233

Can You Record on FaceTime Using Android?

Although Android does not support FaceTime, you can still record on FaceTime using your Android Sound Recorder app. However, you can only record the audio.

To record FaceTime on your Android, play the FaceTime audio on a loudspeaker and let your Android phone record it externally.


Recording your call on FaceTime is possible, and it is straightforward. It is best to record it using the screen recording feature available to all iPhone, iPad, and Mac PCs. The steps in this blog post will lead you to record your FaceTime call successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I record my call on FaceTime?

Recording your FaceTime call allows you to replay it whenever you need it.

How can I tell if someone is recording our FaceTime?

You can’t tell if the other participants in your call are recording it. You won’t receive any notification for that.

Will I hear audio when I screen record FaceTime?

Yes, you can hear audio simultaneously and screen record on FaceTime.

How long can I screen record on FaceTime?

There are unlimited hours you can record on FaceTime. The only limit you have is that of your phone storage.

How do I find recorded FaceTime calls on my iPhone?

You will see your FaceTime recordings in your Photos app.

Is FaceTime Available on Android?

No, FaceTime is not available on Android phones. It is only available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

What device can I use to record on FaceTime?

You can use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to record on FaceTime. If you want to use your Android phone, it has to be done externally, and it can only record the audio.

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