How To Recover Deleted Apps on Android

How To Recover Deleted Apps On Android

Apps may be intentionally deleted by mistake, factory reset, or uninstalled if the app is corrupted. However, a record of all the apps that have ever been installed on your phone is stored in the Play Store’s library. So how do we recover deleted apps on Android?

Quick Answer

To recover deleted apps from your Android is as simple as going to your Google Play Store and reinstalling it. A record of data from the app is still stored on your device. All data is still present in the device but in an unreadable state, regardless of when it was removed. 

It depends on the type of file. It depends on the file in question; it might be possible to use a third-party tool to recover deleted files, including apps. However, be careful when using these tools to recover deleted files, as sometimes this can infect your device with a virus.

This article talks more about how to recover deleted apps on an Android.  

How Do I Recover Lost Apps?

Robust data recovery programs are available if you need to retrieve information from previously deleted software. The Google Play Store can be accessed via the Google home page or by using the Google Play Store’s browser-based interface. 

What Is Google Play Store?

The Google Play Store is an inbuilt app that comes with all Android phones. Applications needed for the phone to run can be acquired from this store.

Here’s how to recover previously deleted apps on Android.

  1. Go to your phone’s library or Google Play Store.
  2. Click the 3-line icon to go to open a menu.
  3. Click the “My apps and games” menu.
  4. Click on the “Library” tab. Apps you’ve downloaded but no longer have access to can be found in a comprehensive list on the library page.
  5. Reinstall deleted apps.
All Done!

A list of all your deleted apps shows up in the library, arranged from the recently deleted app to those long ago. Select install on the app you wish to recover.

Can Lost App Data Be Restored?

Every program you install on your mobile device takes up some storage space. Cached data is temporary information saved by an application and retrieved quickly when needed.

This information is still there in your gadget. All data is still present in the device but in an unreadable state, regardless of when it was removed. 

Deleting something from your phone’s memory makes that space available for new files. Robust data recovery programs are available if you need to retrieve information from previously deleted software. 

To retrieve information from a previously deleted app, go to your phone’s library. Then, after choosing the app you want to restore, you must hit the “Install” button. Then, you may relax as the program rebuilds your phone’s data.

How To Recover Uninstalled Apps

Android app restoration requires a trip to the Google Play Store and the launch of the relevant app. This is also possible using a web browser, though users who have removed apps from their phone’s storage may find it more challenging. 

The good news is that Android phones and tablets have a feature that makes the contents of the phone’s memory card accessible with just a couple of taps.

If you have accidentally deleted an app from your Android device, you can get it back by reinstalling it. The Play Store houses a list of all currently installed apps, which may be accessed in this manner. 

To bring back a previously deleted app, just right-click on it and choose “Restore”. You will be requested to enter your username and password again and then select the app to restore. It should be noted that you shouldn’t use this approach if you haven’t previously backed up your data.

Can Encrypted Data Be Recovered?

Without the decryption key, it is impossible to get the data back into its original form, and restoring it would be a monumental task. In contrast to encryption, password protection is easily broken by hackers.


It is possible to recover lost apps on your Android device irrespective of when you lose them. When you delete something from your phone’s memory, that space becomes available for new files, so sometimes, it gets more complicated to recover data.

Reconnaissance of Android device memory for recovering recently erased applications. Once the previously-deleted app appears, tap on it and select Install to reinstall it.

Before trying the various recovery methods, you should be sure your data is not encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can permanently deleted files be recovered on Android?

You may get back any deleted or lost data using Android’s built-in Data Recovery feature. You can use this program to retrieve data from your Android device, including text messages, contacts, media, and documents.

Is it possible to recover deleted files without a backup?

No, you cannot recover deleted files on your Android without a backup. Without a backup, any file you delete is gone forever. 

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