How To Reduce a Photo’s File Size on an iPad

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Are the photos saved on your iPad taking up much storage space? Fortunately, you can reduce the image size and free up some much-needed storage on your gadget.

Quick Answer

To reduce photo file size on your iPad, download a prebuilt shortcut and add it to your list of shortcuts. Open the Shortcuts app, select the newly added shortcut, and assign it the necessary permissions. Now choose an image, tap “Add”, and select the desired photo size and quality.

Below, we have written a detailed article on how to reduce photo file size on your iPad with step-by-step instructions to guide you better. 

Reducing a Photo’s File Size on Mac

If you don’t know how to reduce photo file size on your Mac, our following step-by-step methods will help you go through the whole process effortlessly. 

Method #1: Making a Photo Size Shortcut

You can make your shortcut to reduce the photo size on your iPad by doing these steps.

Step #1: Adding a New Action 

In the first step, launch the Shortcuts app on your iPad, go to the “My Shortcuts” tab, and tap the “+” icon at the top right corner to initiate the new action process. 

Next, tap “Add Action”, add the “Resize Image” action, select “Categories”, and tap the “Media” option. 

Image 87

Step #2: Specifying the Photo Size

In this step, scroll a little, tap “Get Images from Input” below the “Images” section, and select the “Shortcut Input” choice. Next, tap the blue icon on top, toggle the switch next to “Show in Share Sheet” to turn it on, and tap “Done”. 

Image 88

Under the Share Sheet menu, drag the “Media” option up, scroll to the “Image Editing” section, and tap “Resize Image”. Here, you will see the default 640-width recommended by the shortcut, but choose “Ask Each time” and tap “Done”. 

Image 89

You can also use the “Media” option to convert the photo file format to JPEG using the “Convert Image” option under “Images”.

Step #3: Reducing the Photo’s File Size

Next, bring up the “Media” option again, tap “Save to Photo Album” in the “Photos” section, and tap “Exit”.

Image 90

Finally, select a photo from the iPad’s Photo Library, tap “Share”, select the “Resize Images” option, and type in the reduced dimensions on the prompt. Now, you have successfully reduced the image file size on your iPad. 

Method #2: Using a Premade Shortcut

You can use a prebuilt shortcut with these steps if you don’t want to manually create a shortcut to reduce photo file size.

  1. Head to the Change Image Quality and Share shortcut page, and tap “Get Shortcut” to add it to the shortcuts on your iPad. 
  2. Open the Shortcuts app, select the newly added shortcut and assign it the necessary permissions.
  3. Choose an image, tap “Add”, and select the desired photo size and quality.
    Image 91
  4. Tap “Save Image” under the “Share” tab, and you’re done!

During the process, you can also select the “Always Allow” option to use the prebuilt shortcut to resize your image every time!

Method #3: Using Apple Mail

You can also use Apple Mail to quickly reduce the photo file size and send it your own email in the following way. 

  1. Open Photos.
  2. Select a photo or photos that you want to reduce.
  3. Tap “Share”.
  4. Choose “Mail”.
  5. Type in your email address and tap the “Send” option.
  6. Select “Small” or “Medium” from the list of options.
Image 92

Open the Mail app on your iPad and download the photo with the reduced size that you just sent to your own email address. 


In this guide, we’ve discussed how to reduce photo file size on your iPad by manually creating a shortcut, taking help from a prebuilt shortcut, and using the Apple Mail app. 

Hopefully, your issue is resolved, and you can now free up some space on your iPad by quickly decreasing the image file size. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any third-party apps to reduce a photo’s size on an iPad?

If you don’t have the time to manually create a shortcut on your iPad, many apps on the App Store can reduce the photo file size, such as Image Size and Compress Photos & Pictures. Simply download an app from the App Store, upload your photos, and resize them accordingly. 

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