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How To Reduce Echo on Your Mic

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The mic is a short version of the word microphone. It is one of the essential parts of many applications and devices such as phones, tablets, video games, and microphone speakers because it is required for transmitting audio signals (voice) to a receiving person or a receiving audience at some distance apart. Whether it is a conference call, personal call, or podcast, a good mic effortlessly produces sharp and neat sound

But then, the annoying feeling sets in when you speak into the mic and the same words keep repeating from your speaker, threatening your speech and preventing you from effectively passing your message across to the long-awaited audience. I understand your feelings. You’re not alone on this, and that’s why I’ve written this article for you to teach you how to overcome it.

This article will explain four complete reasons why your mic echoes, including the simple DIY methods to fix it, and it won’t take more than a couple of minutes to troubleshoot!

Why Does Your Mic Echo?

The reason behind the echoing of two different mics can be different from one another. So, to recommend a solution to fix an echoing mic, you have first to identify why the mic echoes. 

Therefore, before I start talking about the various ways you can fix an echoing mic, let’s delve into the reasons why your mic is echoing:

Reason #1: Your Microphone Is Picking Sounds From a Nearby Speaker

If you have a working radio, especially at a loud volume beside you while you’re active with your mic, the echoing you’re experiencing results from this. 

The reason is simple. Another sound speaker is generating sound near your mic. Then your microphone picks this sound, and it feeds back into your device’s sound. Hence, the echoing.

Another example is when you’re speaking in an online meeting in a spacious room without enough concrete items inside the room. Your voice reverberates and sends it to the mic untampered, causing echoing.

Reason #2: You Have Two Microphones Set Up in One Online Meeting

Often, online meeting apps with webcams have built-in microphones, and the chances are that you have added an extra microphone to your PC. The implication is that you will always have your voice collected by two microphones at once, making your speaker echo. 

Another way you can experience two microphones set up in one online meeting is if you’re logged in to one online meeting with both your phone and your laptop at once. When you speak, you will surely experience echoing.

Reason #3: You Have a Weak Internet Connection

Echoing can also be a result of a weak internet connection. Your internet connection plays a vital role in the quality of the sound your mic produces. If you’re using the internet connection for a call or online meeting, when your internet quality drops, your audio quality drops too.

So once the internet connection quality drops and in a bid to reconnect with a more robust connection signal, you begin to hear the echo sound. And this may last for as long as the internet connection fluctuates, then becomes normal once the network becomes stronger again. 

Reason #4: The Mic May Be Affected by Humid Weather

Are you surprised to hear this? Well, let me explain briefly how the humid weather affects the mic. 

What’s unique about every mic is its sensitivity to sound. The mic becomes less sensitive to sound in excessive humid regions or weather. It gets clogged up with moisture,  hence its reason for delivering low-quality sound and echo.

How to Fix The Echo Sound From Your Microphone

Like I said earlier, fixing the echo sound from the microphone depends on the identified cause for the echo. However, you can attempt more than one troubleshooting tip until it is resolved. 

Below are tested and trusted ways of fixing echo sounds from your mic:

How to Fix Echo From Microphone When It Picks Sounds From a Nearby Speaker

Simply turn OFF or reduce the volume rapidly of the other sound source (speaker/radio) or move farther away from it.

Additionally, if this occurs due to your speech from an empty room, ensure you place some concrete items like furniture and decorative items in the room, then test the device microphone speaker afterward to test if this works out.

How to Fix Echo From Microphone When You have Two Microphones Set Up in One Device

Since you have two microphones set up for your meeting while you need just one, it’s okay to turn off either one. After you do that, you can employ the use of a headphone to know if this works out. You may also need to check if you haven’t logged in to more than one online meeting app at a time.

Apart from the quick detection of echo that your headset does, it also gives you the medium to listen to your online colleagues privately. 

How to Fix Echo From Microphone When You Have a Weak Internet Connection

Since you discovered that the echo results from your weak internet connection, fixing it doesn’t require much energy. Here’s a quick tip you can follow to fix it:

  1. Log out of the online meeting app.
  2. Then restart your device.
  3. Then log in to the app for the call again. Then this should fix it.

If this doesn’t work out, then you have to consult your network provider or switch to a network provider that provides a better internet connection.

How to Fix Echo From Microphone When It’s Affected by Humid Weather

This is so simple! Keep the device in a region of low and tolerable heat to evaporate the condensed moisture from the sensitive part of the mic


In this guide about reducing echo on your mic, I have discussed four different reasons why your mic echoes and how you can fix them all. Although the mic appears to play an essential role in an electronic device’s sound quality,  sometimes just the echo can threaten your desire to speak!

With this guide, you don’t have to worry anymore. I hope your questions about how you can fix an echoing mic have been answered, and feel confident in sharing your tips with your group of friends and followers. Remember to speak confidently!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a low battery in my microphone cause echo?

Of course, yes! Although not all microphones use batteries, this may only affect microphones powered by batteries only.

How can I control noise when recording?

There’s not much to do to control noise when it comes to recording. You can go on to record, play what you’ve recorded and pay attention to what’s causing the noise.

Once you find it, go farther away from the noise source and start recording all over again.

However, depending on your recording device, there are third-party instruments and apps to help you control noise when recording.

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