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How To Remove Device From Google Home

Google Home

Google Home is an application that allows you to control all the smart devices in your home. It is also associated with various third-party applications like Chromecast and Google Nest. But when managing Google Home, things sometimes get out of hand; for example, removing a device from Google Home. But don’t worry; we have the easiest fix.

Quick Answer

Depending on your device, the steps may be slightly different, but the gist is the same. Select the device you wish to remove. Open the Settings of that device and then click “Remove“. Confirm the process, and your Google Home screen will have one lesser device connected. 

We have listed step-by-step processes in this blog if you are still unsure about the process. Moreover, you will find a helpful guide whether you are an Android or an iOS user. Lastly, we will also learn some tips and tricks if things do not go your way in removing a device on Google Home.

How To Remove a Device From Google Home on Android

  1. Locate the device you want to remove from Google Home.
  2. At the top-right corner, you will see the Settings icon. Click it.
  3. Scroll through the list to find the “Remove Device” option. Tap it.
  4. Click “Remove” to confirm the process. 

How To Remove a Device From Google Home on iOS

Most people use Android when they are using Google Home. But if you are an iOS user with the Google Home application, here is what you need to do.

  1. Open the Google Home application and head to Settings.
  2. Select “Google Assistant Services” > “More Settings“.
  3. Go to “Assistant” > “Home Control“.
  4. Under the “Devices” tab, you will see the “Add (+)” icon. Tap it.
  5. You will find a “Linked Services” tab. Under that, locate the device you want to remove.
  6. Tap it to remove it from the list.  

How To Remove Someone From Google Home

If you do not want to use an account on a particular device, you can unlink yourself from it. Moreover, this method also works if you remove someone else’s account on a device on your Google Home. Here is how it works.

  1. Find the desired device and tap on it.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top-right corner to open Settings.
  3. Tap “Household” and click on the desired account you want to remove.
  4. Click “Remove” to confirm the process.

When you remove an account on Google Home, the person will be notified of the removal. The accounts that have access will continue to have access to Google Home. 

Why Can’t You Remove Devices From Your Google Account?

If you are facing problems with removing a device from Google Home, here are a few methods you can try.

Method #1: Unlink the Device From Your Google Account

  1. Go to your profile icon on the Google Home application.
  2. Head to the “Assistant Settings“.
  3. Click the “Devices” list.
  4. You will see a bunch of devices. Find the one you want to remove. 
  5. Find and press “Unlink [device name]“> “Unlink on iOS” or “Remove Device” > “Remove on Android“. 
  6. Confirm the procedure.

Unlinking one device on Google Home unlinks all the devices by that specific brand on your Google Home.

Method #2: Delete the Room or the Home

If the issue persists and you can see the device popping up on the Google Home app, it is not creepy; instead, just a glitch. You can try removing the room or home with which the device is linked to fix this tiny problem. Here is how.

  1. Go to the Settings icon.
  2. Search for “Rooms and Groups“.
  3. Select the desired room name.
  4. Click “Delete Room“. Confirm by pressing “Remove“.

If you want to remove a home, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Settings icon.
  2. Click “Household” and remove all the accounts associated with the device.
  3. Go back to Settings and click “Delete This Home“.
  4. Confirm by tapping “Delete Home“. 

Method #3: Factory Reset Your Phone

This is usually the last resort people pick if other methods are not working. We suggest doing the same and keeping it as your last option. It erases all the data on your device, not just the one you want to remove. You can find this feature in the settings of your device. 


Removing a device from Google Home is relatively easy. But sometimes, there is a technical glitch that may produce an interruption in removing a device. Luckily, this blog fixes those issues too. We hope that our guide was able to answer all of your queries.

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