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How To Remove Google Drive From Computer

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best-secured platforms for backing up and managing your files online. However, you might not want to use it on your computer anymore. Removing Google Drive from a computer seems like a complicated task. However, the process is relatively straightforward. 

Quick Answer

To remove Google Drive from your Windows computer, open “Control Panel” from Start Menu and navigate to Programs > Programs and Features. Find Google Drive among the list of apps, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall.”¬†

We took the time to write a detailed step-by-step guide on removing Google Drive from a Windows PC and Mac computer.

Removing Google Drive From Windows Computer

If you are wondering how to remove Google Drive from your Windows computer, our three step-by-step methods will help you go through the process without difficulty.

Method #1: Disconnecting Account & Using Settings

To remove Google Drive from your computer, you need to disconnect it, followed by its uninstallation.

Step #1: Stopping Data Syncing

Open Google Drive on your PC. Click the “gear icon and select “Preferences.” Go to the Google Drive tab and unmark the box next to “Sync My Drive to This Computer.”

Image 197

Step #2: Disconnecting Google Drive Account

Open Settings by clicking the gear icon on the right. Select the “Disconnect Account” option and wait for a few seconds for the process to complete. Exit from the desktop application once you log out.

Image 198

Step #3: Uninstalling Google Drive

Head to the Start menu, type “Apps & Features” in the search bar, and launch its menu. Find and select Google Drive from the app list. Click “Uninstall, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Image 199

The Google Drive app is now successfully removed from your Windows Computer.

Method #2: Using Control Panel

You can also remove Google Drive from your PC via the Control Panel. 

  1. Go to the Start Menu, search for “Control Panel,” and open it.
  2. Navigate to Programs > Programs and Features and click Google Drive.
  3. Right-click Google Drive and click “Uninstall” to remove the app.
Image 200

Method #3: Using Windows Registry

You can remove Google Drive from your Windows computer by editing the registry by following these steps:

  1. Press your keyboard’s “Window + R” keys to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type “Regedit” in the search bar and hit “OK” to proceed.
  3. Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall” and find the Google Drive entry. 
  4. Double-click the “UninstallString” option, and copy the value data from the “Edit Registry” window.
  5. Hit the “Win + R” keys to open the “Run Dialog” box, paste the value data in the search bar, and click “OK” to confirm.
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to uninstall Google Drive successfully from your computer.
Image 201

Removing Google Drive From Mac Computer

If you have a Mac computer, you can remove Google Drive with the following three step-by-step methods.

Method #1: Using Applications Folder 

With these steps, you can disconnect your account and delete the Google Drive application on your Mac computer.

Step #1: Disconnecting Account

Press the “Cmd + Shift + A” keys to open the Applications folder on your Mac and launch the Google Drive app. Click the “Settings” icon from the top-right corner and choose “Preferences.Switch to the “Settings” tab, click “Disconnect account,” and select “Disconnect” to confirm.

Head back to the home page, select the gear icon at the top and choose “Quit.”

Step #2: Deleting the App

Open the “Applications” folder by pressing the “Cmd + Shift+ A” keys and find the Google Drive app. Right-click on the app and choose the “Move to Trash” option from the pop-up menu. This will finally remove the app from your Mac computer.

Image 203

Method #2: Using Cleaner One Pro

You can also use third-party apps like Cleaner One Pro to uninstall Google Drive from your Mac. 

  1. Install the Cleaner One Pro on your computer.
  2. On the left pane, scroll and select the “App Manager” option.
  3. Click “Scan,” and your Mac will start scanning applications.
  4. Select the Google Drive app and click “Remove” to complete the uninstallation process.
Image 204

Some other third-party apps, including PowerMyMac, Osx Uninstaller, and CleanMyMac X, can also be used for uninstalling Google Drive from your Mac computer.

Method #3: Using Launchpad

Another method of removing the Google Drive app from your Mac computer is using Launchpad. 

  1. Open “Launchpad” from Dock and type “Google Drive” in the search box.
  2. Drag and hold the cursor above the Google Drive app till it starts jiggling.
  3. Click the “X” icon that appears to its left to remove Google Drive from your Mac computer.


In this guide on removing Google Drive from a computer, we have looked into multiple methods to do this task on your Windows and Mac computer.

Hopefully, your query has been answered, and now you can easily uninstall Google Drive without wasting any time.

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