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How To Remove Photos From iPhone but Not iCloud

How To Remove Photos From Iphone But Not Icloud 1

Photos and videos on iPhone are stored by default on iCloud as a backup because iCloud automatically syncs everything on your phone. So, if you delete a photo on your iPhone, it will also delete from iCloud. 

Quick Answer

It is possible to remove photos from iPhone but not iCloud by disabling synchronization, exporting iPhone photos to iCloud from a computer using a data transfer tool, or signing in with a different iCloud account before deleting the photos. 

iCloud allows you to share photos and videos across Apple devices. 

If you want to know how to remove photos from your iPhone but not iCloud, we took the time to write a detailed guide that will answer your query. 

Why Remove Photos From iPhone but Not iCloud

There are multiple reasons for keeping deleted iPhone photos on iCloud iPhone. A few of these reasons can be:

  • To free up space on iPhone without losing important photos and videos.
  • To have a backup on iCloud if you want a deleted photo back.
  • To keep a photo safe that you do not want to be displayed in the gallery.

Removing Photos From iPhone but Not iCloud

It is possible to remove photos from iPhone but not iCloud using different processes. We’ll ensure that our step-by-step instructions will help you go through each process of completing this task without any trouble. 

We’ll also discuss using third-party cloud servers to backup iPhone photos before deleting them. 

Here are the three methods for removing photos from iPhone but not iCloud. 

Method #1: Switch Off iCloud Syncing

You can disable the sync feature on your iPhone after saving the photos on iCloud. By doing this, the photos deleted from the phone will not affect the data already saved on iCloud storage. To do this:

  1. Go to the iPhone Home screen and click on “Settings”.
  2. Tap on your name at the top and click on “iCloud” > “Photos”.
  3. Next, toggle off “iCloud Photos” so that your photos remain intact on iCloud when you delete them from your iPhone.

A drawback to this method is that when you reconnect your iPhone photos to iCloud, it will update to match your phone photos and deletions.

Method #2: Export iPhone Photos To iCloud via Computer

You can transfer iPhone photos to iCloud through a computer so that your photos will remain safe on iCloud even if you delete them from the iPhone. This is possible with the help of a data transfer tool. To do this: 

  1. Export all iPhone photos to a computer using a data transfer tool like AnyTrans.
  2. Transfer the photos from the computer to the iCloud server manually by using the data transfer tool.
  3. These photos will remain on your iCloud even if you delete them from your iPhone.

Method #3: Use a Different iCloud Account

Using two iCloud accounts may seem difficult, but it is a solution you should consider if you have a lot of photos that you want to preserve within the Apple ecosystem.

  1. Upload your iPhone photos to iCloud, and sign out of your iCloud Account.
  2. Next, sign in with a new separate iCloud Account.
  3. Now delete all photos from your iPhone
  4. Access the deleted photos by signing in from your old iCloud account on other Apple devices.

Third-Party Cloud Servers To Backup iPhone Photos 

You can backup your iPhone photos to a third-party cloud server. There are numerous iCloud alternatives, for instance, Google Photos, OneDrive, DropBox, Flickr, etc. 

If you use these third-party cloud servers to back up your iPhone photos, these photos won’t be deleted even when you remove the photos from your iPhone. 


In this guide on removing photos from iPhone but not iCloud, we have looked into the reasons for keeping photos on iCloud even if we delete them from iPhone and looked at different ways to preserve deleted iPhone photos on iCloud. 

We also discussed how third-party cloud servers can be used to backup iPhone photos. Hopefully, one of the methods worked for you, and now you can delete photos from your iPhone, knowing that they are still safe in iCloud. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I unable to delete photos and videos from my iPhone?

Sometimes, you can’t delete photos on your iPhone if it is synced with another device such as your Mac computer. In this case, you need to connect the computer to your iPhone to delete the photos. 

How to recover deleted photos from your iPhone?

You can easily recover deleted photos from your iPhone by going to the iPhone Home menu, clicking on the Photos app, and scrolling down to “Others” and the “Recently Deleted” album.

All your deleted photos will stay in the “Recently Deleted” album for up to 30 days. 

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