How To Remove Scratches From an Aluminum Laptop

Aluminum Laptop

Have you got an aluminum laptop, but its surface is covered with scratches? Lucky for you, there are many ways you can remove them to get a sleek look again. 

Quick Answer

To remove scratches from your aluminum laptop, clean the laptop surface first, then spray some scratch-removing solution. Now, use a microfiber cloth and rub the scratch remover gently on the laptop surface in a circular motion until it absorbs and vanishes the scratches.  

To help you with this task, we have written an extensive guide on removing scratches from an aluminum laptop with easy-to-follow instructions. We will also discuss ways to protect your laptop’s surface from scratches. 

Removing Scratches From an Aluminum Laptop 

If you don’t know how to remove scratches from your aluminum laptop, our 5 step-by-step methods will help you do it without difficulty.

Method #1: Using a Scratch Remover  

Use a store-bought scratch remover to remove dry and colorless scratches from your laptop. To do this, clean the laptop surface using a laptop cleaner to eliminate dirt or residue. Next, spray the scratch-removing solution on a cotton pad and gently rub the damped cotton pad on the laptop.

Now make circular movements targeting the scratches on the surface until the cleaner absorbs and vanishes the shallow scratches.  

Method #2: Using Plastic Polish 

To remove deeper scratches that scratch remover failed to vanish, you can use plastic polish. To do this, first, clean the laptop surface using a microfiber cloth damped in a mixture of water and dishwashing soap. After cleaning, dry the surface using another microfiber cloth. 

Next, apply plastic polish on a clean and dry microfiber cloth or a cotton pad and rub it on scratches in a circular motion with gentle pressure. 

Image 104

Once the scratches become dull or vanish, use a clean microfiber cloth to clean the surface. 

Method #3: Using Metal Polish 

You can also use metal polish to remove hard scratches from the laptop surface when these are too dark and plastic polish doesn’t work.

After cleaning the surface, use a microfiber cloth and apply metal polish. 

Now, spread the gel-like polish on the whole surface using circular movements. Be gentle in the process, and cover the entire top. 

Once done, you will have a shiny surface with all scratches filled and fixed with the polish’s metallic particles. 

Method #4: Using Toothpaste (Without Fluoride)

If you want to remove the scratches on your aluminum laptop with a low-cost solution, then a toothpaste with no fluoride formula can be your savior. 

Image 106

To carry on with this task, clean the scratched laptop surface using a moist cloth. Next, apply a little bit of toothpaste on a cotton pad and rub the toothpaste on the target surface with delicate pressure in a circular motion

Keep rubbing for about one or two minutes, and you can see the scratches going away. Afterward, clean the surface using a damp cotton pad or microfiber cloth.  

Method #5: Using Baking Soda DIY Paste 

Lastly, you have another accessible and low-cost option to remove scratches from aluminum laptops by making a DIY paste using baking soda. 

Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of water in a small bowl. Now mix them well to make a fine and thick paste. Take a little baking soda paste on a cotton pad or microfiber cloth and rub it on a scratched laptop. 

Keep your movements circular and soft, do not be harsh, as it can possibly increase the scratches due to soda particles. After rubbing for at least a minute, you can see a decline in the number of scratches and observe a shine on the surface. 

Now take a clean microfiber cloth or cotton pad to remove the baking soda residue from the surface and clean it well. 

Protecting Your Aluminum Laptop From Scratches 

If you wish to avoid scratches on your aluminum laptop, you can protect it using a transparent cover sticker

Self-adhesive cover stickers protect your laptop’s surface from any scratches or damages. You can quickly get these pasted by any computer shop or even order online to paste them by yourself. 

If you have irreparable scratches on your laptop that are not going away after using all the methods mentioned above, these stick-on covers are a big yes to hide the ugly lines or spots. You can get stick-on covers, laptop skins in different colors, or even custom designs


In this guide, we’ve discussed removing scratches from an aluminum laptop using multiple methods. We’ve also discussed some ways of protecting the aluminum laptop from scratches. 

Hopefully, your question has been answered in this article, and your laptop is as good as new! 

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