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How To Request Desktop Site on iPhone

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While few websites have a mobile version created for them, there are still some websites, mostly legacy ones, that still run on purely desktop versions. And so many critical functionalities are not accessed easily on a mobile browser. So can we request the desktop version of these websites on our iPhone?

Quick Answer

Yes, we can request the desktop version of a website with our iPhones by changing the settings on the Safari web browser of your iPhone, you can either temporarily or permanently set it to a desktop version. It works for all iPhones, be it iPhones with iOS 13 and above or those with iOS 12 and below.

Using a few tricks and setting changes we will list here; you can easily access every website on your iPhone. Whether there exists a mobile version or not. Let us check out each method in detail.

How To Request Desktop Site on iPhone?

Here are the ways to request desktop sites on iPhones with iOS 13 and iOS 12 below. The last method shows you how to change your browser mode to a desktop mode permanently.

Method #1: Request Desktop Sites on iPhones With iOS 13 and Above

To request a desktop site on iPhone with iOS 13, you should:

  1. Open the “Safari Browser App” on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to any website without a mobile version.
  3. After the website loads, in the top corner position, click on the “aA” option. This is positioned before the address bar.
  4. This opens up the website view menu.
  5. In the list of options, select the “Request Desktop Website” option.

This will open up the desktop version of the website. While this will work for iOS 13 users, the procedure is different for iOS 12 and below users.

Method #2: Request Desktop Sites on iPhones With iOS 12 and Below

Now people with iOS 12 and below can also access the desktop version of websites. Here are the steps for them:

  1. On your Home page, open the “Safari Browser App.”
  2. Open the website whose desktop version you want to see.
  3. When the website loads fully, click and press down on the “Refresh” button. This is located next to the address bar.
  4. A prompt pops up at the bottom of the screen. There are two options on it – Request Desktop Site and Cancel. Choose the “Request Desktop Site” option.

This will take you to the Desktop version of the site.

Method #3: Request the Desktop Website Version on Safari Permanently

Now you can even permanently enable the Request Desktop Website on the mobile version of the Safari app. You don’t have to request the desktop version every time you visit a new website.

Here are the ways to do so:

  1. Open the “Safari Browser App” on your iPhone.
  2. Open the website you want to load the desktop version for.
  3. In the top-right-hand corner, click on the “aA icon.
  4. Next, click on the “Website Settings” option.
  5. Here you will get two toggles – Request Desktop Website and Use Reader Automatically.
  6. Click the toggle on “Request Desktop Website” to switch it on.
  7. Finally, click on “Done” to save the changes.

This is great for websites that have frequent loading issues. It makes sense to set them to load the desktop versions beforehand permanently.


Sometimes, a few elements on the desktop version may not work well on your mobile browser. In such cases, you can easily revert to the mobile version.


Certain websites don’t have excellent mobile versions. At the same time, few don’t have mobile versions at all. At such times, it makes sense to use the desktop version on your iPhone. There are ways to set up a desktop version. You can either set the website version temporarily every time you load the website or set it permanently. The ways to go about this have been discussed in this article. You should choose the method that best suits your cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you set the desktop version of the Google Chrome app on your iPhone?

1. Go to the “Google Chrome iOS” app and open it.
2. Load the website whose desktop version you want to view.
3. In the menu list on the top right-hand corner, click on “More.”
4. In the list, scroll down and select the “Request Desktop Site command.”

The option for the Request desktop site is not working on my iPhone. What can I do to fix it?

Sometimes if the portrait orientation lock is turned on in your iPhone, the Request Desktop Site option does not work.
1. On the top-right corner of your iPhone, swipe down and click on the padlock icon.
2. A Portrait Orientation Lock: Off message is displayed on the top of the screen.
3. Now the Request Desktop site option will work.

How can I force a desktop site on my iPhone?

1. In your Safari Browser, click on the “aA” option in the address bar positioned in the top corner. The website view menu opens up.
2. From the list of options, choose the “Request Desktop Site” option.

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