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How To Reset a Belkin Router

Belkin Router

Forgot your router’s password, or experiencing unstable internet? The only solution to this problem is to reset your router. That’s why we’ve to reset the router to its default settings. How to do it?

Quick Answer

We can do a manual reset by inserting a pin in the “Reset” button or visiting the “Router Admin Control Panel”. Manual reset takes seconds to reset your router to its default settings.

This article will discuss some easy methods to reset a router. Follow the steps to resolve the problem.

Method #1: Manually Resetting the Router

When we say manual reset, we only have to push a button. Isn’t it simple and easy?

To reset your network’s Belkin router, you don’t need to ask the company’s administrator. The router has an accessible physical “Reset” button.


You’ll find a hole as a reset button. Use a paperclip to insert. Don’t try to use a thick wire or pin that might damage the port.

Before resetting, you’re advised to create a backup file for your router. Resetting deletes your previous settings and configurations. You’ll not need to set it up again if you have a backup.

You’ll find the reset button next to the four ports.

Let’s move to our simple five steps to reset the Belkin router.

  1. Make sure your router is on.
  2. Locate the “Reset” button of the router.
  3. Take a paperclip and insert it in that hole for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Hold it until the light on the router blinks.

Make sure you follow these steps correctly. When the reset process is complete, the router will restart.  

Quick Tip

Before resetting, make a backup file. Resetting the router means restoring its factory settings like a new device. Factory reset deletes all personal information, including your password and Wi-Fi name. After resetting, make sure to restart it.

Method #2: Using the Router’s Web Interface

If it is challenging to locate the “Reset” button, you can use Belkin’s web-based user interface to do the reset. The interface is accessible from a web browser on any computer connected to your network. 

The Belkin router utility is available in the majority of Belkin routers. You must attach a device to the Belkin router via LAN or wireless access. LAN is the local area network that connects several computers within the area.

Keep in Mind

Resetting and restarting are two different terms. Resetting removes your data, while restarting doesn’t delete our data.

The most common reason to reset the router is if you forget the password. Once you log in, you can set a new password. Resetting a router by web interface is super easy.

You must follow the following steps to reset your router by a web interface.

  1. Use the internet browser to open the web interface.
  2. Navigate to “” to access the router’s user interface.
  3. Click the “Login” button, and enter the password.
  4. Click “Submit”.
  5. To open the utility window, click “Utilities”.
  6. Select “Restore Factory Defaults” from the utilities.
  7. Click “Restore Defaults” and then tap “OK”. When the reset process is complete, the user interface will appear again.

After resetting, you must log in with the router’s default credentials. Your previous information won’t exist after resetting if you haven’t set a backup.


The router provides internet connections for which they need passwords. Now you know the importance of a router. If you forget your router password, you can not access the internet. 

You can reset your Belkin router by inserting a paper clip into the “Reset” button. Hold it for ten seconds and restart it. Another way is to visit the user interface, where you’ve to follow specific steps to reset your router. Then, you’ll have a steady, secure internet connection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset a Belkin router’s password?

Open the browser and access the router’s user Interface. Then, you must enter the router serial number and the answers to security questions. In the end, enter your new password and click “Confirm”.

How do I reset a Belkin router?

Find the “Reset” button on the router. Make sure the router is on. Take a paperclip to insert it into the hole for ten seconds. Hold it until the power LED blinks. It’s an indication that the resetting process is complete.  

How much time does it take to reset a router?

To reset a router doesn’t take much time. You can do it in seconds.

How do I reset the router’s password using a tablet?

You can’t reset your password using the tablet as it’s a wireless device. You must go for a manual reset. If manual reset is not working for you, then you can opt for the other method called the web interface method.

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