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How To Reset a Google Wi-Fi Router

Google Wi-Fi

Google’s Wi-Fi router is extremely convenient and accessible, especially if you have an Android phone handy. While the router performs well, it does need a reset now and again whether you’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi password or just can’t get a device to connect properly. With that said, here’s how you can do just that.

Quick Answer

To reset your Google Wi-Fi router, you can follow either method.

• Using the mobile application.
• Physically pressing the button under your router and hold it for 2-4 seconds.

In this article, we will go over exactly how you can reset your Google Wi-Fi router and when you should opt to do so in the first place.

Method #1: Using the Google Home Application

Using the application is the easiest way for you to reset your Google Wi-Fi router. This is because it leads to no botched resets, and you don’t even need to be close to your router to perform the reset in the first place.

Here’s how you can use the application to reset your Google Wi-Fi router.

  1. Open the Google Wi-Fi application.
  2. Head to the Settings menu.
  3. Select “Network & General”.
  4. You’ll now be greeted with the “Wi-Fi” points menu; select it.
  5. Select the router you wish to reset and tap on “Factory Reset”.
  6. You will now need to confirm your selection by typing the prompt again.
Quick Note

The previously used Google Wi-Fi application has now switched to Google Home. So, don’t be alarmed if you have to download a different application than what you used to before.

After doing so, your router’s lights should start flashing blue for a while, eventually turning to solid blue and then flashing again. Once the second flash starts, you have successfully reset your Google Wi-Fi router using the application.

Method #2: Physically Restarting Your Router

Physically restarting your router involves you physically moving to your router and resetting it. If your router is unresponsive through the application, only then should you opt for a physical restart. Here’s how you can do so.

  1. Flip your device toward its bottom side.
  2. Hold the “Reset” button present on your device.
  3. Remove the power cable and connect it back again, leaving the button pressed.
Keep in Mind

After resetting your router, your Wi-Fi password and SSID will revert to factory default values. You’ll be able to find them underneath your router. After using them to connect to your router, you can head to your Default Gateway to change your SSID and password. 

Your router should now start flashing blue for 40 seconds. Afterward, the light should turn into a solid blue color. This is the reset process occurring on your router. As soon as that’s done, the lights should start flashing blue once again. You will now have successfully reset your router.

Why Should I Reset My Wi-Fi Router?

Google Wi-Fi router is the same as any other. And routers tend to go through many glitches and errors, especially when multiple devices are connected. Usually, a reboot fixes all these woes. But, sometimes, something dire is needed. 

If your router is going through any of the following issues, we recommend resetting your router using any of the methods we’ve mentioned above.

  • Consistently slow connection speeds.
  • You’ve forgotten your Wi-Fi password and can’t connect to LAN.
  • Wi-Fi password shows up as inaccurate even though it’s the same.
  • Some devices are not able to connect, while others can.
  • The router keeps heating up at random intervals.

You should also reset your router if you’ve recently shifted houses or have made a substantial network change. For instance, if you’ve switched ISPs or are now using your router for a different purpose – a reset helps ensure that all your settings are aligned.

Otherwise, what ends up happening is that you may run into an error with your router that you won’t be able to troubleshoot. With a new reset, you’ll be able to quickly glance over changes and will therefore be able to debug better. 


Resetting your Google Wi-Fi router is quite a straightforward process, as you’ll be able to use the application and physically locate the button. With that said, we recommend resetting your router every 6 months to ensure you don’t run into any issues in the long run. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does resetting a Wi-Fi router change its settings?

Yes, resetting a Wi-Fi router will change your settings. If you’ve configured your router to connect to a specific server, you’ll need to configure it again. However, if it’s configured automatically – you won’t need to do anything. 

Do I need to reconnect to my router after I have reset it?

Yes, your SSID and Wi-Fi password are changed back to factory default as soon as you reset your router. So, if you are connected to your router wirelessly, you will need to connect to your router.

However, if you are on a LAN connection, you’ll just need to configure your router, and you’ll be good to go. 

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