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How To Reset Fios Router

Fios Router

You might be looking to restart your Fios router for many different reasons. You might have forgotten the router’s password and cannot access it, or you might want to start again and want your router to be on the default settings just like it was when you first installed it. Whatever the reason, resetting your router can restore it to factory defaults, and it’s straightforward.

Quick Answer

To reset your Fios router, plug it in to make sure it’s powered, find the reset button and use something sharp or pointed to press it for a few seconds. Then, wait till the router fully resets and turns back on. 

The process is as simple as it seems, but we’ve still explained it in detail below in case there’s some confusion. Have a look.  

Before You Start

Before you go ahead and reset your Fios router, you should know a few things. Resetting the router will delete all your personalized settings if you have any. Plus, it will restore the username and password to the default factory values on your router’s label. 

Finally, all your personalized settings will also be reset, including both the Wi-Fi name and the password you created. You won’t be able to access your Wi-Fi network until you configure your router and update all your devices to use those Wi-Fi settings.     

How To Reset a Fios Router

Resetting the Fios router is just a three-step process. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Ensure your router is switched on and functioning normally.
  2. Find the reset button. This will be a tiny, recessed button present somewhere at the back of your Fios router. 
  3. Take a pen, the pointy end of a paper clip, or something sharp to press the button for around 15 seconds until the router resets automatically and powers back on.

That’s it. Your router admin credentials, including your username and password, will now be reset. Other settings you’ve customized, including your Wi-Fi name and password, will also be reset.

Once you follow these steps, you can log into the Fios router to change the admin credentials and network passwords. You can find more detailed instructions about setting up the Fios router by referring to your device’s user guide.


If you’re having trouble with your Fios router and are unable to figure out how to solve it, you can perform a reset and get rid of all the problems. And as you’ve seen, doing so is easy too. 

Just keep in mind that resetting the router will take it back to its factory settings, which means the SSID and password, network information, security settings, and other settings will also be deleted. And you’ll have to reconfigure the device after resetting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Fios router not working?

There can be many reasons for your Fios Wi-Fi not working. For instance, it might be a connectivity issue or a problem with the gateway router or Verizon’s network. Other possible reasons include an overheating router, damaged cable, wrong router network card, and system maintenance on your service provider’s end.  

How do I restart my Fios router?

Restarting your router can help fix problems like a constantly interrupted or slow Internet connection. To restart your router, disconnect all wires from it, including the power cable, wait for around 10 seconds, plug in all the wires, and power it on. 

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