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How To Reset Frontier Router


With over 3,50,000 active subscribers, Frontier provides telecommunication and broadband services across the US. Many users face issues with Frontier routers, forcing them to do a reset. However, they don’t know how to go through this process.

Quick Answer

To reset the Frontier router, locate the reset button on the back panel. Press it using a paper clip and hold for around 10 seconds before releasing it. Once the LED light starts flashing on the router, the reset process begins. Wait for the internet light to come back to complete the reset process. 

We have put together a detailed guide for you on resetting the frontier router with easy step-by-step instructions to help you troubleshoot your issue better.

Reasons for Resetting Frontier Router

Some of the reasons for resetting a Frontier router are given below.

  • To establish a new session and troubleshoot the connectivity issues with the router.
  • To diagnose and fix the slow internet speed caused by temporary bugs in the router.
  • To clear the router cache for a smooth broadband connection performance.

Resetting Frontier Router

If you’re wondering how to reset the Frontier router, our four step-by-step methods will help you accomplish this task without much hassle.

Method #1: Using the Reset Button

Resetting the Frontier router using the Reset button is simple and can be done easily with these steps. 

  1. Find the reset button on your router, which is usually on its rear panel.
  2. In some Frontier routers, this button is inside a small hole, while in others, it can be a pressable physical button.
  3. If your router has the reset button in a hole, use a sharp object like a paper clip to press it.
  4. Hold the button for at least 10 seconds before releasing it.
  5. Once you see the LED lights flashing, the reset process begins.
  6. When the internet light comes back, the reset process finally completes, and you will be logged out of WiFi.

For connecting to WiFi again, use your default password printed on the router label at the bottom or side of the router device.

Method #2: Using the WPS Button

With these steps, you can also reset your Frontier router using the WPS button on its back.

  1. Switch off your Frontier router and locate the “WPS” button at its back.
  2. Press and hold the “WPS” button to turn the router on.
  3. Keep on holding the button until the power light stops flashing.
  4. Once the light gets stable, your router will successfully reboot.
Image 36

It is also possible to reset the Frontier router using the “Pair” button and “Set” button located on the back. 

Method #3: Using the System Tools

You can log in to your Frontier router and reset it with the System Tools with these steps.

  1. Open any internet browser on your PC or mobile and type “” (IP address) in the address bar. 
    The IP address can vary depending on your router’s brand
  2. Type your Frontier router login credentials and sign in
    For most routers, the default Username is “admin,” and the password can be found on a sticker on the side or bottom of your router. 
  3. Click the “System” or “System Tools” on the home page.
  4. Choose the “Restore/Reset” option and hit “OK” to reboot your device successfully.
Image 5

Your Frontier router is now successfully reset.

Method #4: Using the Maintenance Option

It is possible to log in to your router and use the Maintenance option to reset it by following these steps.

  1. On your PC, go to a browser, type “” in the address bar, and hit “Enter.” 
  2. Type your Frontier router login credentials and sign in. 
    For most routers, the default username is “admin,” and password can be found on a sticker on the side or bottom of your router. 
    Image 3
  3. On the home page, click the “Maintenance/Tools” option.
  4. Choose the “Save and Restore Settings” option from the left pane on the router page. 
  5. Click the “Restore Device.” 
  6. Wait for a few seconds to complete the factory reset on your Frontier router.


In this guide, we’ve discussed resetting the Frontier router using different methods, such as the Reset button, WPS button, and the router control panel.

We hope one of these methods has worked for you, and you can now successfully fix your router when it is not working correctly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my WiFi Not working after the reset?

If the internet connection is not working even after resetting the router, it could be because your router’s firmware is outdated. Although you can upgrade the Frontier router, you might need to contact the provider to reset it remotely for you.

Does router reset affect the internet?

After resetting your Frontier router, you will lose all your saved network settings, including your WiFi network name, password, etc. You can use the reset button on the router to reset it without losing your saved settings and credentials.

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