How To Reset JBL Speaker

Jbl Speaker

JBL wireless Bluetooth speakers have established themselves as the industry standard in portable audio speakers. With different models available to match all your needs while featuring uncontested quality.

As with other portable Bluetooth gadgets, despite the graceful functionality of the JBL speaker, you might experience connection issues, charging issues, or even battery drain, any of which might prompt you to attempt a reset.

Resetting your JBL speaker might not be easy to figure out independently. Don’t stress about it.

This guide will quickly explore how to reset your specific JBL speaker, as the resetting instructions aren’t universal for all models.

Resetting Your JBL Speaker

Certain common problems are unavoidable when using a Bluetooth device, including JBL speakers. On your way to fixing these issues, resetting your JBL speakers is the first meaningful step that’ll help outline your next move.

The following are some of the issues that a reset may be able to resolve:

  • Intermittent loss of connection.
  • Speaker not charging.
  • Speaker not pairing to your device.
  • The battery draining quickly.
  • Bad sound quality due to tampered settings or pairing issues.
  • Speaker not responding.
  • Speaker is not playing audio.

These issues might be a precursor to a more complex problem with your JBL speaker. However, resetting your JBL speaker will help streamline your troubleshooting efforts.


Before you try to reset your JBL speaker, you need to ensure that you have no other options, as resetting will wipe all your previous data and personalization settings. And you will have to start all over once the reset is complete.

How to Reset JBL Clip Speaker

If you are using a JBL Clip speaker, here’s how to reset it:

  • Switch on the JBL speaker; the indicator will flash on.
  • Push the Volume Up button and the play button and hold for about 15 seconds, or until the indicator turns off.
  • Remove the JBL speaker from your “Paired Devices” list and turn off your Bluetooth on your mobile device.
  • Turn your JBL Clip speaker back on; the indicator will once again flash to indicate readiness to pair.

Your speaker is now back to its default settings, and you can now connect to your mobile device.

These instructions also work for JBL Flip 3, JBL Flip 4 & JBL Flip 5.

How to Reset JBL Link 10 Speakers

If you are using a JBL Link 10 Speakers, here’s how to reset it:

  • Switch on the speaker by holding the power button at the speaker’s side.
  • Once it is on, press and hold the Mute button for about 15 seconds, or until the speaker turns off.
  • On your mobile device, remove the JBL Link 10 from your list of “Paired Devices.” However, if you previously paired using the smart home app, use the app to unpair the JBL Link 10.
  • After doing this, switch the speaker back on by pressing the power button.

The reset is complete, and your JBL Link 10 is good as new and ready to pair. Re-pair the JBL Link 10 by following the guidelines in the speaker’s manual.

How to Reset JBL Charge Speakers

If you are using a JBL Charge Speakers, here’s how to reset it:

  • Switch on the speaker; the power button LED light will flash blue.
  • Press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously until the power button LED flashes red thrice, then turns blue.
  • On your device, unpair the JBL Charge speaker.
  • Switch the speaker back on.

For JBL Charge 4 speakers, replace the second step above by pressing and holding the Volume up button and the Bluetooth button simultaneously for at least 15 seconds, or until the speaker turns off.

How to Reset JBL Pulse 3 Speaker

  • Switch off the speaker.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and unpair the JBL 3 speaker on your mobile device.
  • Press the Volume Down and Bluetooth button simultaneously for 10 seconds, or until the lights flash on.
  • Switch the speaker off and Switch it back on.

Your JBL Pulse 3 speaker is now reset and ready to pair.


We’ve discussed how you can reset your JBL speaker in this guide. All you need to know is the correct button combinations, and you’ll have your speaker reset in no time.

With this guide, you now know the different scenarios that might require you to reset your JBL speaker and what to do to achieve this. We hope all your answers about resetting your JBL speakers have been answered, and you can now go back to grooving with your reborn speaker.

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