How To Restart a PS5 Controller

Ps5 Controller

The PS5 is one of the most popular (yet elusive) consoles out there. If you are lucky enough to get one, you might have run into issues with your PS5 controller that might have significantly hindered your gameplay experience. If that’s the case, a reset may be in order. Here’s how you can do just that.

Quick Answer

Soft Reset: Press the PS button on your controller, head to “Accessories”, select “Turn Off”, then turn the controller back on.
• Hard Reset: Press the small “Reset” button on your controller’s backside and hold it for a few seconds. After doing so, connect your controller to your console through a wired connection.

In this article, we’ll go over exactly how you can restart a PS5 controller, the nuances of doing so, whether it voids your warranty and when you should opt for a hard or soft reset depending on what issue you may be facing with your controller. 

Hard Restarting Your PS5 Controller

A hard reset of your PS5 controller is akin to formatting your mobile device to factory default settings. If you are having any of the following issues, we recommend hard resetting your controller.

  • Not being able to connect to your PS5 controller.
  • Pairing a new console with pre-paired controllers.
  • Joystick drift issues that happen in certain games.
  • Haptic motors not working properly.
  • Lighting issues with the controller.
  • Irregular battery drain.

With that said, here’s how you can hard reset your PS5 controller.

  1. Turn your PS5 off.
  2. Flip your PS5 controller toward its back.
  3. Locate the “Reset” button located right underneath the part where your controller has logos printed on it.
  4. Use a small sharp object to press the button and hold it for about 5 seconds.
  5. Use your original PS5 controller cable (found inside your controller’s box) to connect the newly reset controller to your PS5.
  6. You will now be able to pair your PS5 controller once again and will be able to connect to it.
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Soft Restarting Your PS5 Controller

A soft reset is not the same as a hard reset. As the name dictates, it generally is used to resolve minor issues/bugs/glitches that may be occurring with your controller. It is highly unlikely that they will fix any issues related to joystick drift or if your controller is completely unresponsive.

In essence, a PS5 controller soft reset is turning it on and off again. However, from our experience, we recommend soft resetting your PS5 controller only if you are going through the following qualms with your controller.

  • Intense input lag.
  • Laggy connection (pressing a button leads to an action being performed with a delay).
  • Your PS5 controller is turning on slowly.
  • You are experiencing battery drain with your controller.

Soft resetting your controller makes the most sense if you have any of these issues with your PS5 controller. Here’s how you can do so.

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  1. Flip your PS5 controller to the front.
  2. Press the PS button in your controller’s center. This will bring up the Control Center.
  3. Head to “Accessories”.
  4. Select your controller (or the one you wish to soft reset) and then select “Turn Off”.
  5. The lights on your controller, alongside subsequent wireless connection, will now go out.

After your wireless connection goes out, turn the controller back up again. In some cases, turning your controller on will not lead to an automatic connection, even though this is a soft reset, and your controller should be paired regardless.

If that happens, all you need to do is temporarily connect your PS5 controller with a wired connection. After that happens, you’ll be able to connect to it wirelessly once you unplug the cable.

Do You Lose Your Controller Mappings if You Reset Your PS5 Controller?

No, resetting your PS5 controller does not lead to you losing any of your bindings/sensitivity settings. This is because your controller does not save your game’s settings. Your profile/game settings themselves are the ones that store your game’s bindings.

So, even if you reset your controller, you won’t have any issues getting back all your bindings and controls back if you connect it to the same PS5 logged into the same account.

Does Hard Restarting My Controller Void the Warranty?

It may be obvious to assume that pressing a small button inside your controller might lead to you voiding your warranty. However, that isn’t the case. Hard resetting your controller does not void your warranty or lead to any damage. It is a feature presented for the convenience of gamers by Sony themselves, as the controller’s software is prone to bugs and errors, which may render it unresponsive.

In these cases, you might be unable to open up your PS5’s dashboard to turn your controller off because this might be your only controller. In these cases, a hard reset button is fairly convenient as it lets you do so without going into any Settings panel.


Resetting your PS5 controller is integral if you have input lag and delay issues. However, resetting your controller doesn’t make sense if that isn’t the case. In either case, you won’t be doing something that isn’t textbook when it comes to a controller. 

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