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How To Restart an Apple Watch

Apple Watch Restart

It can be frustrating to see your Apple Watch freeze or develop a glitch all of a sudden when you need it most. Your questions will be about what could have happened and what you can do to fix this issue. Nonetheless, there is a solution.

Seeing that it is stuck on the Apple logo, try to restart it. If it doesn’t respond, you can force restart it. So, how can you restart Apple Watch? 

Quick Answer

Restarting Apple Watch can be done simply. Press and hold the side button, swipe the “Power Off” slider, then press and hold the side button again to turn it on. To force restart the device, you must simultaneously press the Digital Crown button and the side button and hold them down for about 10 seconds.

Sometimes, restarting a device could be the easiest solution to its problem. So, whether your Apple Watch is not responding, playing up, or running a little slower than usual, the solution can be just to restart it.

This article will walk you through how to restart your Apple Watch.

Steps To Restart an Apple Watch 

Below are the steps you should take to restart your Apple Watch.


You must ensure that the Apple Watch is not charging. If the device is in charging mode, it will not restart.

Step #1: Press and Hold the Side Button

For restarting, your first step is to press and hold the side button. Retain this action until you see three options on the screen of the Watch, including “Power Off”, “Medical ID”, and “Emergency SOS”.

Step #2: Swipe “Power Off”

When you see the three options on the screen, swipe the “Power Off” option to the right-hand side. The slider will do the job of turning it off. You will know that your Apple Watch has shut off when the screen is completely dark. 

Step #3: Complete the Process 

Finally, you need to press and hold the side button one more time. Do this until the Apple logo appears. Then, your Apple Watch has successfully been rebooted.

Keep in Mind

If you are updating watchOS, it is important that you do not try to restart the device.

Steps To Force Restart an Apple Watch

Below are the steps you should follow to force restart your Apple Watch.

If you are updating watchOS, it is important that you do not attempt to force restart it. The Apple logo and progress wheel will indicate that an update is happening. Besides, force restart should only be used if your Apple Watch fails to respond to the normal restart procedure.

Step #1: Press the Side Button and Digital Crown

To force restart your Apple Watch, the first step you should take is to press the side button and Digital Crown at the same time. This method requires holding both buttons; the process will not work if you hold down only one button.

It is important that you hold the buttons after pressing them down for up to 10 seconds. When you see the screen go black, you will know that the device has rebooted.

Step #2: Wait for the Restart To Complete 

Your Apple Watch is restarting when you see its display turn off and the Apple logo appears on the screen. When this happens, release the buttons. Then, wait for the process to complete and see the device turn back on. This should take about a minute. 


The steps provided in the article are straightforward. You will save yourself a lot of stress reaching out to an expert to fix your Apple Watch if only you know what to do when it’s not responding or running a little slower than usual. Take steps to restart the device and if that’s not working, attempt the force restart procedure. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I fully restart my Apple Watch?

To fully restart your Apple Watch, press and hold the Digital Crown and the side button for not less than 10 seconds and release them when the Apple logo appears. 

Why is force restart not working on Apple Watch?

When force restart fails to work on Apple Watch, you should charge it for about 2 hours. If it still doesn’t respond, place it on its charger and attempt the restarting process: press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears. You can also force restart it again, ensuring that both buttons are held down for more than 10 seconds. 

What is the difference between resetting and restarting my Apple Watch?

Unlike restarting your Apple Watch, resetting it will erase everything, including messages, music, settings, data, and everything else. After this, you will need to install a new version of watchOS and pair the device with your iPhone. 

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