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How To Restart Roku TV


I’m sure most of you have been in a situation where your Roku TV begins to misbehave, and you want to get it back on track. Roku TV has some problems, which we can say for many other devices and services, that you could quickly correct if you restarted your TV. The problem here is that there are no buttons on Roku, and this leaves you with a bit of a challenge: how do you get your Roku TV to restart?

Some of you might think it’s as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting, but it’s not. Don’t get me wrong; the method is straightforward, but it’s not very known online, nor has Roku tried to explain it well. You’ll need to consider some things when you want to restart your Roku TV. But before we do that, let’s talk about Roku TV a bit.

What Is Roku TV?

Roku is a brand that creates an array of entertainment devices for you to connect and stream different channels or play music from your favorite music streaming apps. Roku products could come as the following.

  • Players that link to your TV through an Internet connection.
  • A TV that has in-built Roku capabilities to stream channels but will also need an Internet connection to do so.
  • Speakers that use the online link to play your music and listen to podcasts.

We’ll focus on Roku TV today. It’s a television made by Roku that offers you all the benefits of the Roku player without the need to connect to another TV.

Restarting Your Roku TV

There are many reasons to restart your Roku TV, and a good example is when your Roku stops responding or loses its sound. The standard solution is to reboot your Roku TV. This is not the only issue that you can resolve by restarting, as other issues such as black screens, loss of network, and unresponsiveness can all be cured via the same solution.

Restarting returns Roku settings to default, automatically removing bits that may have caused your Roku to act up. This works 99% of the time. But if you have to keep restarting your Roku TV, that might indicate a more significant problem that should be resolved using a reset back to factory settings. Below are the 5 methods by which you can restart your Roku TV.

Method #1: Using Remote and TV Home Menu Settings

The first method to restart your Roku TV is done with a remote. If you don’t have a remote, don’t worry; we will cover that below. For now, let’s discuss how you go about restarting your Roku TV using Home Menu Settings. This method doesn’t work on older Roku TV versions, particularly the first and second generations.

  1. On your Roku remote control, choose the Home button.
  2. Scroll until you see “System” and select it.
  3. Scroll down and choose “System Restart“.
  4. Choose Restart > OK to restart your Roku TV.

Method #2: Using Remote and Several Buttons

This method requires using many buttons on your remote to restart your Roku TV, so try to pay attention to the order you are to press them.

  1. Start by pressing the Home button 5 times.
  2. After that, press the Up button
  3. Press the Rewind key 2 times in quick succession.
  4. Press the Fast Forward button 2 times in quick succession.

Method #3: Without Remote and Forcing a Restart

There are instances where you don’t have a remote either because it is faulty or unavailable. The steps are as follows.

  1. Go to your socket and unplug the power cord.
  2. Plug it back on.
  3. Wait for your Roku TV to turn on.

Method #4: Without Remote and Using Roku TV App

This will only be a good option for you if your smartphone has been connected to the same network as your Roku TV app, whether it be Ethernet or WiFi.

  1. Go to your official app store on whatever device you are using.
  2. Download and install the Roku TV app.
  3. Follow the instructions and turn on your Roku TV.

Method #5: Restarting a TCL Roku TV

The way to turn on a TCL Roku TV differs from the rest, and below are the steps you should take to restart it.

  1. Start by pressing Home on your remote.
  2. Choose “Settings“.
  3. Select “System“.
  4. When in the System menu, head to “Power” and choose “System Restart“.
  5. Choose Restart > OK.


In this article, we learned about Roku TV and how you can reboot it when it acts up. Our methods ranged from the ones you can do with your remote to the ones done without remote control, as well as how to restart TCL Roku TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do after I restart my Roku TV?

The first thing you should do is repeat the act you were formerly trying to do that caused the Roku TV to misbehave. This will tell you if restarting rectified your problem.

Do I get a Roku player or Roku TV?

It depends on what you prefer. If you want to be able to switch between TVs, a Roku player is better, but if you wish for a more streamlined experience of Roku, a Roku TV is the one.

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