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How To Restart Your Arris Router

Arris Router

It is not uncommon to see the router network running slower than usual. When this occurs, it is ideal to employ the restart process to make it work properly as it should. Restarting your Arris router gives the device time to cool off and refresh its memory. So, what steps should you take if you face issues that require restarting your Arris router? 

Quick Answer

Technically, restarting your Arris router is simple. The first step will be to unplug the router. Then, wait for a minute and plug it in back. Wait again for about 120 seconds for it to reboot before using or testing the device.

Restarting your Arris router will make a significant difference in the network performance. Besides, you can use the method to deal with web pages not loading, smart speakers stopping playing music, Netflix freezing halfway through a movie, etc.

So, let’s walk you through how you can get the task done on your own.

Steps To Restart Your Arris Router 

Below are steps to restart your Arris router for better network performance.

Step #1: Unplug the Router 

You should start by unplugging the device if you have other managed network hardware like network switches. But you may leave unmanaged devices powered on. Nonetheless, you should use your judgment if you feel the problem might be from these.


You should avoid using a “Restart” or “Reset” button. This is because it might start the factory reset process. But you can use it for a clearly labeled power button. Nonetheless, the best option to opt for is unplugging the router.

Step #2: Allow the Router To Cool

You need to wait about 1 minute to allow the device to cool off and show other devices, such as your computers and ISP, that the router is offline. Nevertheless, you may not enforce this step if you know that the connection is the root of the problem. But when you don’t know the cause of the problem, it’s advisable to restart the router. 

Step #3: Plug the Router Back

Plug the power cord of the router back. As a precaution, you can also plug the Ethernet back into the right port if you have unplugged the Ethernet along with the router. 

Step #4: Allow the Router To Boot

After plugging the router back, you will need to wait again for at least 2 minutes to let it boot up. During this waiting time, the DHCP service in the router will give your smartphones, computers, and other devices that are connected to the network new private IP addresses. 

When the power is turned off for switches or other network hardware, you should turn it back on for them. After then, you need to wait for about 60 seconds. In case you have many devices, you will need to turn them on based on your network map from the outside-in 

Step #5: Test Your Internet Network 

When your Arris router restarts, you can test its internet network on your home computer to see if the problem is fixed. You may not need to restart your PC or other wireless devices. Still, you may have to if you notice that some are connected to the internet, and others are not.

Go through the right way to restart your devices. If you can’t restart them, you should renew your IP address by entering renew or ipconfig in Command Prompt


You shouldn’t feel worried if you notice that your Arris router is not working properly the way it should. You can take the steps mentioned in the article to fix the problem. The great thing about restarting the router is that it won’t remove the settings or make any changes to the software.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is restarting my Arris router the same as resetting it? 

No, they are different. Unlike restarting the Arris router, resetting will wipe out all the configuration details and return it to factory default. If you don’t know how to configure the router or have a record of the configuration details (SSD, admin password, etc.), you should not reset it.

How can I avoid router reboots?

Overheating or outdated firmware can lead to problems with the Arris router. To prevent overheating of the device, you shouldn’t place it close to a source of heat or where it won’t be able to get fresh air. Unlike the newer routers, older models may not update themselves automatically. So you may need to update them manually through their web interface.

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