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How To Return Shoes From the SNKRS App

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The Nike SNKRS application is a haven for all sneakerheads who wish to get the latest and greatest from Nike without paying thousands for a single show. However, sometimes, even if you’ve won a raffle and purchased a show, you might want to return it. This begs the question, how do you return shoes from the SNKRS app?

Quick Answer

You can use any of the following methods to return shoes from the SNKRS app.

Heading to the outlet and returning them.
• Using the shipping label given to you when the sneakers were shipped.
• Generating your shipping label from the Nike website.

In this article, we will go over how exactly you can return your shoes from the SNKRS application and what type of condition your shoes need for Nike to accept the return. 

Method #1: Returning Them to a Nike Outlet

You can head over to any Nike outlet and return your shoe in any condition within 30-60 days of your invoice purchase date. The variation in the exchange date is due to COVID regulations. So, depending on your local store, you might be able to get away with even a 60-day return.

However, to stay safe, we recommend returning your shoes within 30 days to avoid conflict. Your refund will be processed as soon as you’ve sent your shoes to the Nike outlet, and the entire purchase amount will be credited back to your account.

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This is the best method to return your Nike shoes. While it may cost a walk or a drive depending on your proximity to the Nike outlet, both the other methods we’re going to mention below have their caveats, which will lead to you eventually getting your return – but they can get inconvenient.

Method #2: Using the Shipping Label

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Whenever you purchase a shoe from the SNKRS app, it comes with a return sticker alongside. So, if you wish to return the shoes, all you need to do is place the sticker back on the package and send it back to Nike.

Once you do, it’ll take about 1-2 weeks to get the return amount credited to your account. And, from what we’ve seen, the processing time takes significantly longer than going directly to the outlet. However, this is also the most convenient method to file a return.

If you do not receive a return after the specified time, you’ll have to contact Nike and alert them about the situation for your return to be eventually processed. 

Method #3: Generating Your Shipping Label

Generating your shipping label through the SNKRS app or Nike’s website. After generating your shipping label, you’ll have to place it on your package and return it to Nike, as we’ve mentioned above.

The only difference this time is that Nike processes these refunds much quicker than ones done without a shipping label. So, if you are in a hurry and can’t head to the outlet, we recommend generating your shipping label instead. 

Does Returning Nike SNKRS Affect Your W’s? (Sneaker Score)

No, returning shoes through the Nike SNKRS app does not affect your chances of getting W’s or winning the raffle. This is because your sneaker score is independent of returns and isn’t contingent on so.

We’ve been returning shoes ourselves and have scored multiple Ws even after many shoes simply because we didn’t like them or they didn’t fit very well. So, there’s no indication that returning your shoes often will lead to Nike discrediting your account or not letting you get more sneakers.

There is no shadow pool in the Nike SNKRS app that deprioritizes individuals who return their sneakers. So, return away! You’ll be able to get your refund processed and still score Ws or order more shoes with no issues whatsoever.

What Condition Does Nike Accept Returned Shoes In?

Nike tends to allow returns for shoes that are in good condition. You can wear them a few times and still be able to return them, especially if you head to an outlet. Of course, no actual physical damage is acceptable. But, a little wear and tear here, and it is alright.

But these conditions depend on the shoe you’ve purchased and how lenient your local Nike outlet is. Depending on their terms and conditions, your shoe might not be returned even though it might be in good condition. To circumvent that, we recommend placing your return order as soon as you decide to refund the shoe rather than wearing them constantly.

We even went through some Reddit posts where an individual had blood on their shoes, cleaned them up slightly, and the Nike outlet was still willing to give them a refund. Talk about a good deal!


Returning your shoes to the SNKRS application isn’t all that hard. However, we recommend returning them from the outlet to ensure you don’t end up waiting around for weeks on end for the refund to process is the best way to go about it. 

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