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How To Rewind on Apple TV Remote

Apple Tv Remote

Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming platforms due to many outstanding features such as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos Sound, HDR, and 4K. But using it can be challenging for some, considering the Apple TV doesn’t have labeled buttons. Therefore, it can be confusing how you can rewind or fast ford a show or movie you’re streaming.

Worry no more if you’ve been stressing about how to rewind using the Apple TV remote.

Quick Answer

This is a simple action you can perform by long-pressing the remote of your Apple TV. Subsequently, a rewind icon will emerge in the on-screen progress par. Once the rewind starts, you can release your fingers from the Apple TV remote. 

As you can see, rewinding using the Apple TV remote isn’t as had as you maybe had anticipated. And to further show this, read on as we’ll take a more detailed look at how to rewind on the Apple TV remote. 

This guide will also look at some of the most frequently asked questions about using the Apple TV remote. Let’s get right to it. 

How Should You Rewind on Apple TV Remote?

When you want to rewind using the Apple TV remote while the video is still playing after missing a particular scene, you need to long-press the remote’s left edge. For the latest Apple TV remote, you should press the iPod-like when that features touch gestures. If you’re using the Siri Apple TV remote, click the touch pad’s left side to rewind. 

As you press the rewind on your Apple TV remote, a progress bar will pop up on your TV. Once the rewind has begun, let go of your fingers from the Apple TV remote. Usually, the rewinding will happen in 10-second increments.  

If you wish to increase the rewind speed, continue pressing the remote’s left edge. When you do this, the number “2” will appear on the in-screen bar, which shows the rewinding speed has now doubled. If you wish to further increase the speed to 3x, continue pressing this left edge, and the rewind speed will automatically increase.  

If you’re done rewinding, press your remote’s center surface to resume playback from the specific point you choose. 


Using the Apple TV remote comes in handy when you want to rewind whatever content you’re streaming on the different apps such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix, to name a few. But besides pressing play or pause, rewinding using the Apple TV remote for some people can appear to be very confusing. 

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with such an issue after reading this in-depth blog post on how you can rewind using the Apple TV remote. Learning this will help you enjoy your overall experience while streaming your favorite movies or shows on Apple TV.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I fast-forward on Apple TV?

If you want to fast forward using your Apple TV remote, long-press the remote’s right edge of the remote. But for the latest generation of Apple TV remote, you should use the circular D-Pad to fast forward. Doing this begins advancing playback much faster, and you’ll be able to see this on the progress bar showing on your TV screen. 

Once the fast forward starts, you can let go of the remote, and this will continue automatically. Press the remote’s right edge again if the forward speed isn’t fast enough. You’ll see the number “2” show up on the on-screen progress bar to inform you the forward speed has increased by two. To improve this speed to 3x or 4x, continue pressing the remote’s right edge. 

After you’re through fast-forwarding, tap the center of your Apple TV remote, and the playback will start from this point. 

How can I accurately scrub on Apple TV?

Using the newest Apple TV remote, you can scroll through a video with the rotational scrubbing gesture. This is possible because the top section of the remote features a circular touch-sensitive click pad. Therefore, you can accurately scrub around what you’re streaming easily and should do this by following these steps.

1. Pause the video you’re watching if it’s still playing. 
2. Place your finger on the circular click pad’s exterior edge. Continue pressing the click pad until a round indicator appears around the on-screen’s playback indicator. 
3. Move your finger backward or forward around the trackpad in a circular motion to move back or forward. As you do this, a preview of the clicked frame will show over the progress bar. 
4. After locating the specific moment you want, press the click pad’s center to play the video and verify this new position. And to cancel this gesture, click the Apple TV remote’s back button, and this video will return to its initial position. 

But while you can do precise scrubbing, doing this is often pointless. Instead, you can jump around either back or forward by pausing the video and flicking to the exact place you want on the video.

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