How To Right Click on iPhone

How To Right Click On Iphone 1

Apple devices like iPhones have a wide range of unique functionalities. If you own an iPhone, you’re likely in the dark on some of its functionalities. For instance, you can right-click on your iPhone the same way you can on a computer. But the challenge is how to go about it. 

Quick Answer

You can right-click on your iPhone by pressing the touchscreen with your finger and holding the finger in place for a few seconds. This remarkable gesture is performed to open the contextual menu and enable other functions on whatever page you’re working on.  

An iPhone uses your finger as its input device, the same way a desktop computer uses a mouse as its input device. Due to this functionality, the ability to right-click on iPhone can be very tricky.

Hence, we have decided to dive deep into how you can right-click on an iPhone without hassle. This detailed guide will show you all you need to know about right-clicking on iPhone. 

How To Right Click on iPhone

You can right-click on your iPhone to access the context menu and other functions available on your Apple device. Right-clicking on iPhone goes beyond just tapping on the touchscreen. 

This is why we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to show you how to do it. However, getting familiar with some of the functions you can enable with the right-click feature is essential. 

The right-click feature on iPhone will let you perform the following activities on your iPhone.

  • Opening contextual menu.
  • Copying and sharing website links. 
  • Highlighting text to copy and paste.
  • Inserting photos and videos in emails. 

These and many more are some of the functionalities you can enable with the right-click feature. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to right-click on iPhone.

Step #1: Unlock the iPhone Screen

The first thing to do is to unlock your iPhone screen. This involves inputting your passcode to gain access to the home screen. Once the home screen is open, you can move to the next step. If your iPhone screen is locked, you won’t have access to the right-click functionalities.  

Step #2: Navigate to the Text Page or App 

The next step requires navigating to the page where you want to perform the right-clicking task. 

You can perform the right-click task on an app or a page where you can enter text. This unique function is mainly available over text and hyperlinks. So, ensure you navigate to the page where right-click feature can be enabled. Then, you can move to the next step. 

Step #3: Tap and Hold for Website Link 

Now, prepare to tap your screen as you would usually, and then hold your finger in place for about a second. You can carry out this task on Safari by opening a text page to visit a website link. If you like, you can perform the task on any web browser. 

On a text page, tap and hold the screen where the web link is located. This will open a menu of options where you either “Copy“, “Look Up“, “Translate“, or “Share” the link. You might even get the option to open the link on a new page depending on the page. 

Step #4: Tap and Hold for Text Selection 

You can select texts for copy and paste with the right-click feature. This involves tapping and holding the screen around the texts you want to select. This is a typical use of right-clicking on the iPhone. You can carry out this task in the Note or any app that works with text support. 

On the text page, tap and hold a line of text until a magnifier opens. Then, drag to select the words you want to copy. You can now release your finger on the screen. Now, you will see options like “Copy“, “Look Up“, “Translate“, “Share“, and “Indentation“. 

You can select the option you want. In this case, select “Copy” to copy the highlighted texts. Now go wherever you want to paste it and tap on the blank screen to “Paste” the copied texts. 

Step #5: Tap and Hold for iOS Apps 

You can right-click on the apps on your iPhone by tapping and holding the app. Go to your home screen, tap and hold an app icon of your choice. From the options displayed, you can “Reposition App“, “Share App“, or “Remove App” from your home screen. 

Some apps will display more options if you right-click on them. 


While tapping and holding the screen of your iPhone, do not forcefully press your finger on the screen. Also, you have to ensure your finger is still on the screen while holding it. 


The task of tapping an iPhone screen is equivalent to clicking the mouse on a computer system. With this function, you can open apps, visit web pages, and activate options on your iPhone. 

The exciting part is this; just like right-clicking a computer mouse, you can also right-click on your iPhone. This right-click feature will let you enable a contextual menu and other functions on your iPhone. However, the process can be tricky if you don’t understand how to do it. 

Frequently Asked Question

What does it mean to right-click on iPhone?

The right-click functionality on iPhone performs similarly to the right-click functionality on computers. So, when you right-click on iPhone, it means you’re trying to access shortcuts and other functions on an iPhone. The process involves holding a finger in place for a few sec. 

Is there any serious limitation to right-clicking on iPhone?

There are no serious limitations when it comes to right-clicking on iPhone. Once you understand the technique, you will enjoy the same right-click features as a computer mouse on your iPhone touchscreen. In just a few seconds, you can open shortcuts and other functions on the phone.

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