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How To Right Click on Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse Right Click

The Macs by Apple are undoubtedly one of the most innovative technological gadgets you can find on the market. The same goes for its accessories, such as the Magic Mouse, which you get after buying a Mac. However, using the Magic Mouse often feels confusing because it doesn’t have many buttons, including the right-click button. 

Quick Answer

The absence of a right-click button on the Magic Mouse might leave you wondering how to perform a secondary click or control-click, which are other names for the right-click action. Luckily, you can right-click on your Magic Mouse by following these easy steps.

1. Go to the Apple Menu.
2. Choose System Preferences.
3. Tap “Mouse”.
4. Tap “Point & Click”.
5. Select the checkbox next to the “Secondary Click” option.
6. Pick the most comfortable method to secondary click on your Magic Mouse.
7. Close the window, and your settings will be saved. 

Read on if you want a more detailed look at the steps to follow to right-click on your Magic Mouse to enjoy the perks of the macOS better. In addition, we’ll take a look at frequently asked questions associated with the Magic Mouse that many other people Mac users wish to know. Let’s get started. 

Steps To Right-Click on Magic Mouse

Despite the Magic Mouse not having a separate right-click button, you can still right-click on this device. You can do this because the entire surface is clickable and features multi-touch gestures. All you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Apple Menu in the upper-left corner of your MacBook screen.  
  2. Tap the System Preferences icon. 
  3. Select the mouse icon in the preferences pane. 
  4. Tap the “Point & Click” tab. 
  5. Click the checkbox adjacent to “Secondary Click” on the right side

Once you’re done, you can now right-click using your Magic Mouse. 


The whole top surface of the Magic Mouse is touch-sensitive and uses multi-touch gestures found on the MacBook trackpad. Therefore, you can click on either side as this device understands gesture commands. But this can sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never used the Magic Mouse before. 

Fortunately, this exhaustive guide has outlined the steps to how you can right-click on your Magic Mouse. Therefore, you no longer be stranded with the one option of right-clicking on your Mac. This will come in handy as it allows you to perform many tasks on macOS without a hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I right-click on my Mac?

You might be wondering why you should bother learning how to right-click on a Magic Mouse, and here are a couple of convincing reasons.

• Edit text formatting
• Examine recommended options for a word’s synonym or look for misspelled words. 
• Adjust desktop settings and see your available options in the folder; for instance, create new folders, and arrange icons, to name a few. 
• Learn file parameters, for instance, date of creation, resolution, and size details. 
Copy and paste
• Change folder or file titles.  

However, these aren’t the only instances when you’ll need to right-click on your Mac. This is because the scope of actions you can perform varies from one application to another. And the right-click function can be activated when deemed necessary by an application to improve your personal and professional experience of using the PC.  

How can I right-click on a Mac trackpad?

You aren’t forced to use a Magic Mouse for right-clicking but can also use the Mac trackpad of your Apple laptop, be it the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. And to achieve this, here are the steps to follow.

1. Open System Preferences in the Apple menu. You can alternatively go to the Deck, where you’ll find the System Preferences icon. 
2. Click “Trackpad”
3. Go to the “Trackpad” window and choose the “Point & Click” tab. 
4. Tap “Secondary Click” to check the box. 
5. Under the “Secondary Click” text, you’ll see a down arrow. Choose the down arrow and select one of these options: “Click in the bottom right corner”, “Click with two fingers”, or “Tap in the bottom left corner”

How can I right-click on my Force Touch trackpad?

The MacBooks released after 2015 feature an advanced trackpad version called the Force Touch trackpad. Using this touchpad, the pressure you place on it allows you to open new options. 

With the Force Touch Trackpad, you can right-click as is with the Magic Mouse. However, there’s the distinction of enabling you to right-click the trackpad on specific areas of the trackpad that feel more natural. If you wish to change the Force Touch trackpad’s pressure, you need to follow these steps.

1. Launch the Apple Menu
2. Go to System Preferences. 
3. Select “Trackpad”.
4. Go to the “Point & Click” tab.  
5. Locate the “Click Pressure” option and change the slider to suit your preferences. 
6. If you wish to switch off “Force Click”, deselect the haptic feedback and Force Click option.

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