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How To Right-Click Without a Mouse

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Using your computer can be tricky when your mouse fails or you cannot use the right-click on your trackpad. Right-clicking is a necessary action you need when operating your computer. However, it is possible to right-click on your PC without a mouse. The question now is, how do you right-click without a mouse? 

Quick Answer

One of the most common ways to right-click without a mouse is with the context key on your keyboard, which is popular on some Windows PCs. You can also use shortcuts to right-click on Windows and Mac PCs. It is also possible to use gestures to right-click if your PC trackpad supports multiple touches. 

Knowing the different ways to right-click without a mouse is handy, so you are not stranded when your mouse breaks. This article elaborates on how you can right-click without a mouse. 

Methods To Right-Click Without a Mouse 

When you have issues with your mouse, you could buy a new mouse or fix your PC trackpad. But if you need an emergency fix to finish a task, there are alternative ways to right-click on a PC without a mouse. Below are three ways you can right-click without a mouse. 

Method #1: Using the Context key 

On most keyboards, a context key performs the same function as right-clicking. The context key is usually located on the bottom row, towards the right-hand side between the Alt and Ctrl keys. While this key is useful, some modern keyboards do not come with this key. However, if you have this key on your PC, you can use it to right-click whenever you need it. 

Here’s how to right-click with the context key.

  1. Move your cursor over the area you want to right-click and tap on it to lock it in place, depending on your tool. 
  2. Press the context key, and the right-click menu will pop right beside the option your cursor is over. 
  3. You can then select whatever option you need from the pop-up menu. 

Method #2: Using Shortcuts 

Another option you have to right-click on your PC is to use shortcuts. So, if your keyboard does not come with the context key, you can always opt for the shortcut option to right-click.

Here’s how to right-click using a shortcut.

  1. Move your cursor over the area you want to right-click and click on it to lock the cursor in place. 
  2. Press the keys Shift + F10 together, and the right-click menu will pop up immediately. 
  3. You can then select the option you want to use from the options.  

Method #3: Using Gestures 

Another option you have to right-click without a mouse is to use gestures. While this method is convenient, you can only use it on a trackpad that supports multiple touches. Not every trackpad comes with this feature by default. So, in case your PC does not have gestures, you could enable it by downloading third-party apps like Synaptics ForcePad, amongst others. 

Here’s how to right-click using gestures.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your PC and select “Devices”
  2. Click on “Touchpad” and set a gesture under the “Scroll and Zoom” section. 
  3. Use clicking with two fingers to right-click or any other gesture that feels more convenient for you, then save and close the window. 
Keep in Mind

Alternate click (right-click) is not set up by default on a Mac PC. So you must set up a gesture function in the settings or with a third-party app or use a shortcut on your keyboard to right-click on a Mac PC. 


As you can see from this guide, there are different ways to right-click without a mouse. You never can tell when you’d need to know another way to right-click. So, if you find yourself in need of right-clicking but your mouse seems to be unresponsive, use any of the methods elaborated on in this guide.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I copy and paste on my PC without using the right-click feature? 

You can copy and paste files on your Windows PC without the right-click option. To copy and paste without the keyboard, you must use shortcuts. The shortcut to copy is Ctrl + C, while the shortcut to paste is Ctrl + V. You can use this shortcut to copy things like images, audio, video, documents, and so on. 

How do I right-click without making a sound? 

Suppose you don’t like the sound your PC produces when you right-click; you can turn it off in Settings. To turn off or change the right-click sound on your PC, launch the Control Panel, click “Hardware and Sounds”, and tap “Change System Sounds”. In this section, you can assign sounds to different actions, such as right-click. 

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