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How To Schedule a Text on iPhone

How To Schedule A Text On Iphone 1

Scheduling a text message is a helpful feature that allows you to send a text at the precise time you want using your iPhone. This feature opens up a new list of possibilities, such as scheduling text messages enabling you to automatically send reminders to your friends or family about an earlier planned event you were to attend. You can use it to notify your spouse after leaving work. 

Quick Answer

While scheduling text messages come in handy, this feature isn’t integrated into the iMessage app by default. However, all hope isn’t lost because you can schedule a text message on your iPhone, and the different ways you can do this include the following.

• Use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
• Use the Scheduled app.

These three methods allow you to schedule a text message on your iPhone to send at a specific time or day. Read on to learn the steps to follow when scheduling a text on your iPhone using the abovementioned methods. Let’s get started. 

Method #1: Use the Shortcuts App

The first method you can automatically send scheduled messages on your iPhone is using the free Shortcuts app. However, the process isn’t that straightforward, especially if you don’t know what to look for. You need not worry, though; here’s a look at the steps to follow when scheduling text messages on your iPhone using the Shortcuts app.

  1. Launch the Shortcuts app on your iPhone
  2. Look at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen, and you’ll see three options; click the “Automation” tab. 
  3. If it’s your first time creating automation, click “Create Personal Automations“. You won’t see this option if you’ve already created an automation in the past. Therefore, you should tap on the add/plus (+) icon in the top-right corner. After that, click “Create Personal Automation“. 
  4. Tap the “Time of Day” option on the upper parts of your iPhone’s screen.
  5. Set the time you want to send the scheduled text message; the options include “Sunrise“, “Sunset“, or the specific time. While doing this, confirm that both AM and PM are correct. 
  6. Click “Monthly“, tap the date when you wish to send the text message, and press “Next” found in the upper corner. 
  7. Tap “Add Action“.
  8. Click “Send Message“, select the contact you want, and tap “Next“.
  9. Type the message you want to automatically send to the recipient in the “Message” field and click “Next“.

The message is ready, and the next steps will ask you to review everything and ensure its accuracy.

  1. Check the new automation to ensure the entered details are accurate.
  2. Pay attention to the option “Ask Before Running“, which is enabled by default. You can click the toggle option next to the “Ask Before Running” to switch it off for the messages to be sent automatically without requiring any input from you.
  3. Go through the text to confirm that everything is correct and make the necessary changes if necessary. After confirming everything is correct, click “Done” in the upper right corner. 
Keep in Mind

You must remember that once done with setting up this text automation, the same recipient will receive the exact text at the same time and day for the coming months. You should disable the automation option if this isn’t you’re intended goal. To delete it, you need to swipe your finger from right to left on automation and click “Delete“.

Method #2: Use a Scheduled app 

You can also send a programmed text message on your iPhone using a third-party app such as the Scheduled app. This app is free, so you don’t have to spend a penny to download and install it on your iPhone. Nonetheless, this app doesn’t automatically send the text to the recipient and instead prompts you to click “Send” once it reaches the scheduled time. 

Here are the steps to follow when using this app to schedule a text.

  1. Launch the Scheduled app
  2. Tap “Add New” on the bottom part of your iPhone. 
  3. Click “Select Recipient(s)” to choose the contact you want to be receiving the scheduled messages. 
  4. Tap “Enter Your Message” and begin keying in your message. 
  5. Press “Schedule Date” to set the date and time when the message should be sent to the recipient. 
  6. After confirming everything is ready, click “Schedule Message“.

When the scheduled time of sending the message arrives, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the notification prompt to open the Scheduled app. 
  2. Click the “Send With” button to decide how you wish to send this message, either iMessage or your preferred texting app on your iPhone. Doing this opens up this message in the selected sending prompt with the message and contact already entered. 
  3. Send the message as though you’ve just entered it. 

Despite this method not being perfect in that the process isn’t completely automatic, it does solve the functionality gap in iOS by not including delayed messaging reminders. 


Although sending a scheduled text isn’t directly integrated into your iPhone’s messaging app, you can still send messages at a predetermined time or date. This makes using your iPhone quite fun because you can easily communicate with your friends and family. 

If you didn’t know how to schedule a text on your iPhone, this should no longer be a cause for concern. After all, this exhaustive blog post has outlined the various ways to schedule text messages using your iPhone. Therefore, you can continue enjoying a more streamlined communication between you and your loved ones.

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