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How To See Friend Activity on Spotify App

Spotify App

Spotify is a famous music application that keeps us company in emotional times, boring situations, and even on road trips. It resembles a virtual iPod that has music from all over the world. Now, creating your own playlist is fun, but what if you could take a peek at your friend’s playlist? 

Quick Answer

Yes, you can do that with a little feature known as “Friend’s Activity“. All you need to do is go to the Settings of your Spotify app and head to the “Display” tab. Click the “Share my listening activity on Spotify” until it turns green. This will display your friend’s activity to you, and your friends can take a look at your activity too.

This blog will discuss the guides for enabling the Friend’s Activity feature on your PC. In addition, we will see whether you can get this feature on mobile phones. You may also find a few tips and tricks if the feature is not working for you. So, keep reading.

How To View Friend Activity on Spotify App

The “Friend’s Activity” feature is limited to the desktop application only. To enable it, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Go to the Spotify homepage.
  2. Click the downward arrow button and open Settings.
  3. Find the “Display Options” tab and click it.
  4. Toggle the “See what your friends are playing” button. You will know it has turned on if it turns green. 
Quick Tip

The Friend’s Activity is sometimes hidden on the right side of the screen. Make sure you have zoomed out your screen to see the feature. You will know the “See what your friends are playing” is turned on if it turns green. If it is grey, the feature is turned off. 

How To Choose Who Can See Your Activity on Spotify App

The downside of enabling this feature is that your followers can see your activity too. You might want to hide your activity from your followers for various reasons. Luckily, you can hide your listening activity on Spotify. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to the Spotify homepage.
  2. Tap the downward arrow button to open Settings.
  3. Head to the “Social” tab.
  4. You will find the “Share my listening activity on Spotify” option. Toggle it to disable it.

If the “Share my listening activity on Spotify” is turned off, it will be grey, and if it is turned on, it will be green. You can check out your followers’ names in the settings too.

Can You View a Friend’s Activity on Spotify Mobile App?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Friend’s Activity feature is only available on the desktop application. But now, you may not have to log in to the computer to check out what your friend is listening to anymore. 

Spotify is recently testing a feature called “Community“. It is not yet available to all users, but some iOS users have gotten the Friend’s Activity feature. Based on their response and Spotify’s decision, the feature will soon be available with full functionality.  

Quick Tip

If you want to test the Community feature, you can see the beta version if you are an iOS user. Go to Safari and type “spotify: community” to get the desired results.

Why Can’t I See My Friends’ Activity on Spotify?

There may be several reasons why this has happened to you. Check out these quick fixes to remove the issue.

  • Go to the App Store and see whether your application is updated.
  • Check if the operating system of your PC is updated.
  • Log out of your account and log in again with your credentials.
  • Either restart the application or reinstall it.
  • Make sure that you are using the desktop application. Spotify has yet to announce this feature on its mobile app. 


All in all, the Friend’s Activity feature is quite fun to use. You can check out what your followers on Spotify and friends on Facebook are currently listening to. In addition, you can allow the same people to view your listening activity or hide it if you are not comfortable. It is definitely an interactive feature. We hope that our blog was able to solve your queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear my Spotify listening history?

1. Go to the Spotify app and tap the three dots to open Settings.
2. Locate “History“.
3. Press “Clear All” and confirm to delete your listening history. 

Can I see a Friend’s Activity on Spotify mobile?

Not yet. Spotify is still testing the feature known as Community for viewing a friend’s listening activity. It will be available soon to all the users. 

What does the blue dot on Spotify mean?

The blue dot means that the song is available offline on Spotify.

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