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How To See Messages From Blocked Numbers on iPhone

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It will be impossible to see the messages sent to you after blocking someone from texting you on your iPhone. But sometimes, you may change your mind and decide to see the messages such an individual sent before you blocked them on your device. The right question to ask here is if the process is possible. The good news is that it is. So, how can you see messages from blocked numbers on your iPhone? 

Quick Answer

Seeing messages from blocked numbers on iPhone is possible, and you can do it by following a few steps and a specific method. You need to start by unblocking the contact to receive messages again. More so, you can see messages from blocked contacts through iCloud backup or iTunes backup.

You can conveniently prevent unwanted text messages and calls by blocking the phone numbers of the concerned parties. Once this is done successfully, they won’t be able to get in touch with you on your iPhone via any message (SMS or iMessage). Nonetheless, you can revert your decision and unblock them to start seeing their messages again whenever you want. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to see messages from blocked numbers on iPhone. Sit back and learn. 

How To Unblock Numbers on iPhone 

Do you prefer to see or communicate via the Messages app with a number you may have blocked in the past? This is possible, and you can get it done within a few minutes. But you need to start by unblocking the numbers on your device. In this section, let’s explore how you can unblock numbers on your iPhone. 

Here are the steps to unblock numbers on iPhones.

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device.
  2. Hit the “Phone” option. 
  3. Click the “Call Blocking & Identification” option to see the list of blocked numbers.
  4. Swipe the contact you intend to unblock to the left and hit “Unblock”.
Alternate Method

If you have not deleted your text messages before blocking the contacts, you can launch the Messages app and hit “More/Archived” to see all the blocked or archived messages in the folder. Nevertheless, if you have deleted the messages before blocking the contacts, you may need to use any methods in the succeeding sections to recover the deleted messages.

Methods To Retrieve Messages From Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Below are the two common methods you can use when you want to see the messages you have deleted after blocking a number.

Keep in Mind

You can see the messages sent to your device while the contact is blocked. But you still have the option to retrieve the messages you have deleted before blocking the number on your iPhone.

Method #1: Through iCloud backup 

Do you want to retrieve something important (including messages) on your device? An iCloud backup is a wonderful tool. You will find it easy to do this if you have synchronized your device to the iCloud backup system. It doesn’t matter if you have deleted the text messages after blocking a contact. With the iCloud backup, you can view blocked messages on your iPhone again.

Here’s how to retrieve messages from a blocked contact using the iCloud backup.

  1. Visit and log in to using your Apple ID.
  2. Search for the text messages you want to retrieve and select them.
  3. Return to the iCloud settings on your device and disable the “Messages” backup.
  4. Follow the pop-up instruction on how to download the text messages locally.
  5. Restore the text messages by hitting “Disable and Download Messages”.

Method #2: Through iTunes Backup 

Is your iPhone synced with iTunes? Then you should relax because the text messages from blocked numbers can still be retrieved. You should keep in mind that it’s impossible to see messages sent after blocking a number. But with iTunes backup, you can easily recover deleted messages before blocking the contact.

Here’s how to retrieve messages from a blocked contact through the iTunes backup.

  1. Install iTunes on your PC.
  2. Use a USB cable to connect your device to the PC.
  3. Launch the iTunes app and click the “Device” button. 
  4. Select “Restore Backup” in the “Backups” section.
  5. Choose the recent backup entry and click on “Restore” to complete the process.


It is possible to see the old messages on your iPhone, which might have been the very reason for blocking the contact. If the messages were not deleted before blocking the number, you could easily see them by unblocking your device and opening the Messages app. But if deleted, you can use iCloud backup or iTunes backup to retrieve them, provided that you have synced your iPhone to them. Nonetheless, the steps and methods explored in the article will not help if you want to see the messages that may have been sent after you blocked the contact.

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